The Bachelorette, Season 11, Episode 10 Recap: Overnights & Hometowns

This week, Nick and Shawn are still having their little catfight (“I know who you are.” “You don’t know me!”), but eventually Shawn left, not quite knowing what Nick had said about him. But, it was time for Kaitlyn’s overnight date with Ben, putting the boy drama behind her. They started their date with a kiss and doing some horseback riding and over dinner Ben admitted that he just had his 26th birthday when Kaitlyn is close to celebrating her 30th. Luckily, he digs “older” women and since he’s so mature, it works. Ben said the sweetest and probably most genuine thing when proposed with the fantasy suite. He admitted it was the hardest thing knowing that there are other guys doing her the same thing, but his desire to see and talk to her all time outweighed that and of course he would have an overnight date with her.

Next up was Kaitlyn’s overnight date with Shawn. And while he was probably hoping to seal the deal and have a romantic night with Kaitlyn, she still had some things to talk about after her conversation with Nick… but not before she made him golf in the best ensemble. Ever. After Kaitlyn won the round, she suggested a round of truth or dare–and dared him to streak across the green. AND THIS WAS THE BEST IDEA SHE EVER HAD (it was a very large box they were using to cover things). Of course, Kaitlyn took his clothes and ran off, so we could watch the Ryan/Calvin hybrid do his sexy jaunt across the course. Yum. At dinner though, when Shawn was fully clothed again, Kaitlyn brought up Nick and asked, again, what was so bad about him, explaining that she was caught in the  middle and trying to figure out where it was coming from. Shawn told Kaitlyn that he went to talk to Nick, but Kaitlyn told Shawn that Nick said he was bragging about eskimo brothers (is this a thing? It sounds kind of adorable…). Shawn was getting riled up, which prompted Kaitlyn to suggest the overnight date to “talk about this off-camera.” The next morning when Shawn left Kaitlyn’s room… who was there but troublemaker Nick to talk to Shawn. Nick wanted to defend himself after Shawn’s attack, but Shawn was not having it. Shawn said he had a great time spending the whole day and night with Kaitlyn, but apparently Nick didn’t know that and thought it wasn’t “classy” for Shawn to say that (ummm…. we’re down to the final three. Do you not remember how the last time went? You slut-shamed someone on national television after it…).

At the rose ceremony, one guy was going to get sent home, but only if Kaitlyn could compose herself long enough to dole out the roses. Sadly, even though he’s the only sane dude on the show (Shawn’s hot, but he’s definitely got control issues), Ben got sent packing. But while Ben got sent home, Kaitlyn still had to deal with that aka-awkward sitch with Nick and Shawn and the bad vibes and their hometown dates.

Kaitlyn first went to meet Nick’s family (we’ve seen this before) (but actually the family came to Utah to meet Kaitlyn because The Bachelor franchise may be finally concerned about a budget) where Nick told Kaitlyn that he loved her and they spent some more time kissing. Of course, Nick’s family was a little concerned that he was putting himself through another heartbreak after the mishap on Andi’s season. Kaitlyn sat down with Nick’s family members and his younger sister, Bella asked the hard-hitting questions (“Are you in love with my brother?”). Overall, it was a good date, but Nick’s mom had some concerns, which she expressed.

Then it was time for Shawn’s hometown date (sadly not involving either Ryan Gosling or Calvin Harris) (or even in his hometown again). Shawn’s mom wasn’t able to make it for some undisclosed reason, but Kaitlyn sat down with the overprotective older sisters, who determined that they might just be perfect for one another. Shawn’s dad drilled him a bit, already seeing that Shawn is completely emotionally invested in this whole process (poor guy). After their chat with the fam, Shawn dropped his little L-bomb on Kaitlyn, too, putting her in an even bigger predicament (WHO WILL SHE CHOOOOOOOSE?!).

After saying goodbye to the two guys after their dates, Kaitlyn was a bit of a mess trying to choose between them. And of course, since The Bachelor franchise is mildly sadistic, we won’t find out for another two weeks because next week is the end-of-season Christmas present we all wait for: THE MEN TELL ALL! (And if it’s anything like last time, it’ll be a doozey.)

Coming up roses: Nick and Shawn

Hookup count: Ben, Shawn (Episode “ 2; Season “ 4)

Kiss count: Ben, Shawn, Nick (Episode “ 3; Season “ 37)

Cry count: Kaitlyn, Ben (Episode “ 2; Season “ 14)

Bachelors to watch: The bottom two!

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