Taylor Swift Named Entertainer of the Year

Taylor Swift has been named as the Entertainer of the Year by the Associated Press for 2009. The 20-year-old country crooner found lots of success in 2009 after her sophomore release, Fearless, in late 2008.

A humbled swift told the AP that she is so honoured and so excited to be receiving the Entertainer of the Year award. She continued to say “this was so unexpected, and I could not be more grateful. Swift snagged the award with hits like ˜Love Story,’ ˜White Horse,’ and, most recently, ˜Fifteen.’ She has received countless other awards this year, including MTV Video Music Awards and Country Music Awards.

Although, the young starlet did see some controversy this year, after the memorable incident with Kanye West at the MTV VMAs back in September. While it caused a bit of a hiccup, Swift was definitely able to capitalize on it, and her star is shining a little more brightly because of it.

Taylor Swift also recently hosted an episode of Saturday Night Live where she poked fun at the VMA incident and her rumoured romance with Twilight hottie, Taylor Lautner.

I would definitely agree that Taylor Swift deserves the Entertainer of the Year award from AP. She is just a young girl who loves what she does (and she does it quite well, if I do say so myself!).

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