Smart Set’s New Look

Since its debut, Smart Set has become known for its staple pieces, establishing itself as a business-casual albeit on-trend brand you can count on. Well, guess what: Smart Set is shaking it up, aligning itself with EDM (electronic dance music) for its Fall 2013 campaign.

But it's not like the company's merely using EDM in their #BetterTogether tagline/campaign, the brand's joining forces with and sponosring major electronic festivals across the country: Digital Dreams (which took place in Toronto two weeks ago), Escapade, and Piknic Electronik on August 31 and 1 in Montreal, Quebec.

"At its heart, Smart Set was always social, fun-loving, and warm with a brand culture that is explorative and inquisitive," said Valerie Vedrines, VIP of marketing and visual presentation. "We love music, we love The Smart Sets (DJ sets) and this exciting music sponsorship is a natural extension of who we are: creative, inventive, imaginative, and aways engaging. The Smart Set lives to inspire, and this initiative further allows us to bring forth these ideas and be part of the community."

In addition to contests (you can find on their Facebook page), Smart Set will also be embracing this ethos on the ground level, offering The Smart Set Bubble at festivals, where concert-goers can capture their own mini-party scene in a "2-3 minute comprehensive experience." They'll also be a social media campaign via Instagram, where Smart Set can be further connected with.

Word has it this is also the beginning. We're curious to see how else Smart Set plans on connecting with this happening new demographic. (I couldn't have sounded older writing that sentence if I tried.)

Check out their campaign video:

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