Another New H&M Collection

Yesterday we told you about H&M’s environmentally-conscious partywear, but true to fashion industry form, H&M’s taken their newsworthy week one step further.

Today, Vogue UK announced the retailer will be releasing a collection based around fashion’s leading models. The name? The New Icon. (Which, let’s all agree, sounds pretty great.)

Based around Joan Smalls, Daphne Groevenveld, Lindsay Wixon, and Liu Wen, the line takes its influence from the girls (of course), who will also be starring in the pre-summer campaign which will hit stores next month.

“The New Icon collection from H&M is very flattering and suits all of your needs,” said Smalls. “It’s super cool and for your everyday girl who wants to look great and feel comfortable at the same time.”

Pieces include a leather jacket, denim cut-offs, a lace mini skirt, embellished vests, and a “heavy focus on urban streetwear accessories.” It’s also targeting that summer music festival vibe, too, so yes, a fringed bag is absolutely included.

Spring can just arrive at any time now, thank you — and make sure to head to Vogue UK to check out the first photo.

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