Matthew McConaughey Gets Married

Matthew McConaughey is officially off the market.

Marrying his long-ish term girlfriend, Camila Alves, the actor tired the knot in a low key ceremony in Texas. Unfortunately, the ceremony didn’t go completely unnotcied thanks to the small sleeping tents being set up around the couple’s Texas home (where guests would be camping out – we assume), and a helicopter got photos of the grounds after word got out about the wedding late last week.

According to one guest, the Matthew McConaughey-Camila Alves wedding was “very emotional” and that there was a moment when Matthew “leaned down and whispered something in [Camila’s] ear and you could see a tear coming down her face. Everyone let out a collective sigh.”

(Imagine it as a quote from Dazed and Confused? Kidding!)

Matthew McConaughey and Camila have two kids together already, and the actor had made it clear last year that he was hoping to officially settle down with his partner as soon as possible.


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