A Gleeful Easter at the White House

The annual Easter Egg Roll at the White House was held yesterday and all the stars came out to play.

The entire cast of Glee showed up for a day of fun in the sun and even took to the stage to perform. Their performance was streaming live so those of us who aren’t on a first name basis with the president could watch as well. 

Joining the cast of Glee for performances were Canadian teen sensation Justin Bieber and Sara Bareilles. Reese Witherspoon, J.K. Rowling and even Kate Gosselin and her gang of 8 bandits (or children…) showed up for some egg hunt fun. 

Michelle and Barack put a bit of a twist on the hunt this year. After turning the South Lawn into a “playground,” the first couple placed an emphasis on eating healthy. “When your parents tell your to eat your broccoli, you don’t know whether you’re going to like them or not. You’ve got to try it,” Obama said, after reading Dr. Seus’s infamous Green Eggs and Ham. “When your parents tell you to eat your peas, eat your peas.”

The fun-filled day at the president’s house was topped off with eco-friendly goodie bags that were made from 100% recycled plastic and stuffed with an Easter egg made from US certified hardwood and wrapped in recycled paperbaord packaging. 

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