Get Katy Perry’s Eyelashes

Well, kind of.

Katy Perry has officially debuted her exclusive false eyelash collection in Canada, so you can officially channel the pop singer, at least aesthetically. Joining forces with Eylure — the British lash specialists — Ms. Perry has launched Katy Perry by Eylure so fans can perfect their own version of the wide-eyed look.

“I wore Eylure lashes all the way through my Teenage Dreams tour and really loved them,” she explained. “When it came to having a range of my own, I wanted everyone to have a great experience with my lashes. As they have such an amazing history and great quality, Eylure was really the best choice for me to work with.”

But it’s not like Katy just slapped her name on a label of false eyelashes and called it a day: the singer also helped design the packaging, which evokes a 1940s-era ice cream parlour. Makes sense for a pop star who has an affinity for vintage clothing and old school candy.

Four types of Katy Perry by Eylure lashes are available, and are priced at $7.99 CDN. You can pick them up at Shoppers Drug Mart, Jean Coutu, London Drug, and Groovy!

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