Fourth “Pirates” Movie Begins Filming

Just when you thought you’d seen enough black boots, swords and beards, Pirates of the Caribbean 4 has started filming.

The popular franchise has somehow managed to spew together enough storyline to attract back some, but not all of the previous stars. Among those returning? Johnny Depp, who is reportedly being paid $50 million to reprise his role of Jack Sparrow.

The movie follows Captain Jack Sparrow’s escapades through the Netherworld, where he was unfortunately placed by Bill Nighy’s Davy Jones at the end of the last film. Ian McShane will make an appearance as perhaps the most famous pirate of all time who’s been notably absent in the series thus far: Blackbeard.

Depp, 47 (yeah, we can’t believe it either), was seen donning dreadlocks and talking to cast and crew on location in Hawaii. Newly-engaged Orlando Bloom and Keira Knightley won’t be strapping into their boots and corsets again. We don’t blame them.

But fans won’t be short on eye candy. Joining the cast this time around are Aussie beauty Gemma Ward, as a mermaid, and Penelope Cruz. Cruz of course starred alongside Depp back in 2001 in the film Blow.

Depp has recently turned down the chance to portray Dr. Who on the big screen, a decision that’s disappointed sci-fi fans everywhere. But if the numbers are anything to go by, the decision to star in Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides should prove to be a lucrative one. The franchise has grossed over $2.68 billion worldwide so far.

The new flick is slated for release in May 2011, aiming for a blockbuster summer return. But has this story’s ship already sailed? Will you watch?


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