David Duchovny and Tea Leoni Split… Again

Californication actor, David Duchovny and actress Tea Leoni have called it quits for the second time. Reps for the couple have confirmed that David and Tea decided to seperate, but there have been no talks of divorce. 

In their 14 years of marriage, this is the second time David and Tea have decided to spend some time apart. Back in 2008, David checked in to rehab for sexual addiction (talk about life imitating art…) and sued the Daily Mail for reporting that he had an affair with a tennis instructor. At the time, they spent several months apart, but were able to quickly reconcile. 

In all honestly though, if your husband is a sex addict it’s going to be really hard to make it work. Kudos to them for taking the time to put a good effort in getting their marriage back on track but, if you ask me, I’d say Tea probably has some trust issues and, who knows, maybe David has fallen off the wagon again. They’ve had a good run of it, but a second seperation is never a good sign. 

Tea and David have been married since 1997 and have two kids; Madeline West, 12, and Kyd, 9. 

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