Coco Rocha’s Newest Gig

Fans of Coco Rocha know she's got a lot on her plate: in addition to having repped major labels, the Canadian model is also a TV host, and now a columnist. But not for a fashion magazine — for PC Magazine, where she'll be writing about tech.

"I have an audience of nearly 10 million across my social media platforms," she explained in her first column. "I'm the kind of girl who'd rather buy a tablet over a new pair of heels. …Hopefully, in my column for PCMag, you'll see the worlds of fashion and technology getting a little closer each month."

You can read the rest of the column here, and join Rocha in her venture to Shapeways 3D Factory, where, as Elle UK explains, "people can send designs for objects to be printed to see if the new technology could see a faster turnaround in trends." 

This marriage between fashion and technology is especially useful since DIY trends have been dictating runway looks more and more as designers look to street style as a huge source of inspiration.

Here's to Coco Rocha's new column, and to the respect for fashion and style in the technological world!


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