Christie Brinkley In Tax Scandal

It’s probably great to be a supermodel – as long as you’re not unaware that you owe up to $531 000 in unpaid taxes.

According to Vogue UK, the US applied to recover the amount from Christie Brinkley, and the legendary runway walker reportedly knew nothing about it.

In a statement issued today, the model’s spokesperson maintained that “Christie Brinkley was surprised to hear today that a tax lien had been filed, and has instructed her team to resolve the matter immediately.”

Well we should hope so, right? Considering most of us have endured the face-palm factor of tax season, it’d be nice to know that even the rich and famous have suffered at the hands of yearly tax forms.

Of course, $531 000 is basically junk change to the supermodel worth over $8 million, courtesy of her Hamptons property – aka the subject of the IRS-filed tax lien itself. That, and her 2008 divorce from Peter Cook, and latest turn as Roxie Hart in Broadway and West London’s Chicago don’t hurt either.

The lien was initially filed on November 21, so it’s relatively surprising we haven’t heard anything about it until now.

Let’s hope this isn’t simply part of a bigger problem – or that the 57-year-old beauty isn’t about to endure some serious financial woes. Though thanks to her recent skincare line, she shouldn’t be hurting for money regardless of how much she needs to pay out.


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