Behati Prinsloo to Design a Collection for Juicy Couture

Do you guys remember Juicy Couture? Of course you do: Paris Hilton made the velour tracksuits famous, Kim Kardashian recently confirmed she hasn’t been able to get rid of her won collection, and I was jealous of everyone who wore them in high school and college because I couldn’t afford them. (The Anne T. Donahue story, thank you and goodnight.)

Well the brand’s making a comeback — or at least that’s what we can take away from news that Victoria’s Secret model Behati Prinsloo will be designing a collection for them.

Available on April 15, Vogue reports that the collection will merge Prinsloo’s casual style with the brand’s vibes, so we can expect to see graphic t-shirts, bomber jackets, and velour.

Granted, this shouldn’t be super surprising since Behati has been working with Juicy Couture as a brand ambassador and spokesmodel. Thus, this is a natural progression.

“Juicy Couture is so iconic so I wanted to bring a little bit of something different to the brand while still remaining true to who they are,” she told Teen Vogue. “This collection is really for any active girl who wants to throw on an outfit that’s comfy yet cute. I travel so much so I wanted to create pieces that were really comfy but with a fashionable twist. I was inspired by the vibes and colours from seventies roller-skate and skateboard culture — just the stuff that’s really fun and easy.”

You had me at the 1970s, Behati

Also: I’m here and I’m ready for the Juicy comeback, you guys. Why were we so upset about velour in the first place? Because the tracksuits said “Juicy” on the back? Granted, I would rather walk into the sea than have any words show up on my butt, but (ha!) it’s 2016 — clearly the brand has adapted. Also, our sense of fashion has expanded so we all know there’s no one way to wear a piece or a tracksuit or an outfit or a brand. Which obviously means I’ll be eyeing this collection and will also use it as a means of bringing back good, old-fashioned roller skating.

Of course that being said, I am constantly trying to bring back good, old-fashioned roller skating. (See: I am very cool and hip.)

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