Are Katy and John Getting Hitched?

It seems Katy Perry’s relationship with John Mayer is more than just a rebound. Apparently, the couple is ready to get serious — serious enough to tie the knot.

John, who has never really had the persona of a tied-down man, is reportedly so smitten with Katy, his friends would not be surprised if she ends up being the one.

John is completely cuckoo for Katy, a source said. They are, like, the perfect match for each other. They can talk about music, writing, traveling.

The source adds — This is the first time John has felt so strongly about a girlfriend.

It would apparently come as no surprise to said source if John did pop the question to Katy, saying the two are perfect for each other.

If that wasn’t enough to prove to the world just how serious they are, John and Katy spent a great deal of time together over the holidays getting to know each other’s families. Katy even finally confirmed their relationship by tweeting a picture of John dressed as Santa.

This all seems very un-John-like to me.

Do you think Katy could be the one to finally make John settle down?

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