Are Brides “Social Media Stars?”

A lot has changed since our grandparents got married, our parents, and even anyone who got married five years back. Case in point: a survey by David’s Bridal that’s revealed women long to be “social media stars” on their big day.

Of course, that’s not exactly surprising. Thanks to wedding blogs, Pinterest, Twitter, and those Facebook countdowns some of us (hi) have unsubscribed from, a person’s wedding is constantly front and centre, demanding attention.

What’s also demanding attention is March 20, a.k.a. “National Proposal Day” (which is a thing, I guess?), which is the reason this survey took place. Through it, David’s Bridal found that brides will document every aspect of their wedding planning through social media platforms (ex. Pinterest, Skype, Facebook), since they allow for the planning process (Pinterest), for friends and family to share in the fesitivities if they can’t physically be there (Skype, Facebook), and to take photos with old-timey filters (Instagram). 

However, social media has also saved the bride and bridal party from unnecessary fittings: evidently, 68% of brides use technology at their fittings to send photos to friends and family. However, on the flipside, 56% of brides have also said they plan on instilling “social media rules” during the actual wedding: no pre-wedding dress pics, and the bride is supposed to be the first one to Instagram a photo of her and her husband. (Good luck with that, though, brides who plan on not tweeting/Instagramming during the ceremony.)

Interesting stuff! You can find more information at David’s Bridal‘s website. 

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