Adam Lambert Vs. The View


Following his infamous appearance on the American Music Awards last month, Adam Lambert has come under fire from the FCC, resulting in two cancelled appearances on ABC network television shows and endless publicity.  However, due to pressure from GLAAD, the network has finally obliged and has scheduled the singer to appear on the daytime talk show The View on Thursday December 10.

Yikes.   I can’t help but cringe in advance at the moral debate resident loudmouth Elizabeth Hasselbeck will undoubtedly raise; spewing illegitimate facts and pushing her right-wing agenda harder than Whoopi Goldberg would like to fight her.

GLAAD recently issued a statement that raised the question of double standards (case in point: do I even need to mention the Madonna-Britney situation circa 2003?), and urged the community to reach out to ABC and express their concerns that Adam Lambert is being subjected to a double standard. 

Clearly.  But while Ellen Degeneres used her show to converse with Lambert (Hasselbeck, take note), The View‘s infamous yelling matches will likely not allow for civil discussion, let alone any productivity “ unless you count cementing spots on TMZ and US Weekly as majorly productive. 

Hm.  Well, to give them the benefit of the doubt, maybe Hasselbeck and the gang will surprise us with shocking open-mindedness and maturity (ha!). 

Or maybe Lambert will soak up the attention, earning further credibility by refusing to deign to high-decibel shout fests and solidifying his pop star status.

Until the next whisper…

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