Crisis Averted: Red Starbucks Holiday Cups are Back

A couple of weeks ago we had a mini freakout over here that Starbucks was completely abandoning ship when it came to the red holiday cups (we admit that we totally panicked). While the sentiment was nice for the unity-based green cup the coffee brand released in the States (which is what totally spurred the panic attack that we would not, in fact, be seeing red cups this year), but as it turns out Starbucks has brought back their crimson cups after all.

Starting today (and you can bet your ass I’m going today), Starbucks has released 12 variations of their holiday red cup (plus a cute little wreath on their iced cup because those crazies who like iced drinks in cold weather deserve holiday cheer, too) in an attempt to sate those festive haters. And guess what? The cups were designed by customers from across the world, including two Canadians who designed .

The 13 cups range from cute snowy looking swirls and wintry settings to some more traditional Christmas iconography (like gingerbread houses, holiday lights and ornaments), which is a vast departure from the minimalist ombre design that was released last year that had people all in a tizzy.

Frankly, it doesn’t really matter what the cups look like (okay, it kind of matters, hence the freakout) so long as my drink is made with lactose-free milk (not a vanity thing, I just don’t want to puke) and my name is kinda spelled correctly (is Ashley difficult to spell? I’ve gotten “Ashely,” “Ashly,” “Asley” and “Ashleigh,” which just seems like an unreasonable amount of extra letters to include).

While I’m glad Starbucks has brought back that touch of festiveness that always marks the unofficial beginning of the holiday season for me (and also marks the season when I can start watching The Holiday an in ordinate amount of times), so long as they don’t discontinue those chocolate curls that go on top of my half-sweet lactose-free peppermint mocha, we’re fine.

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