Celine Dion is Launching a Line of Accessories

Wow okay well sometimes you don’t know you need something until the internet gives it to you and here we are on this, the 3rd day of February, stumbling upon pure magic.

Mainly, Celine Dion is launching an accessories line.

Our patron saint of beautiful music is partnering with Bugatti to launch a line of handbags, luggage, and accessories this September because she is a self-described “woman who loves fashion” and we are “absolutely not worthy.” (I added the second quote myself.)

“Their vision towards my brand is impressive, and their passion for fashion is as intense as mine,” she said in a statement. “So guess what — we’re going to have a really good time together. And hopefully all will enjoy the new collection.”

Said collection will be launched at Project Womens, the semiannual trade fair in Vegas that runs for three days from February 21. According to WWD this step is the first in Dion’s plans to build a lifestyle brand empire (I have chosen to use the word “empire”). Fashion is the unsurprising first step since the singer has been spotted front row at certain fashion shows and sporting that beautiful and #blessed Vetements Titanic hoodie.

“She is a global superstar who also happens to be a working mom that demands good value in anything that carries her name,” said Dan Levin, principal at Prominent, the social media marketing company, whose spearheading Celine’s collaboration. “This is just the beginning as we continue to identify partners across many categories to further develop her unique lifestyle brand.”

This is a dream come true, especially if you’re totally over Goop and know that Celine could totally be our very own Martha Stewart if we so wished (which I absolutely DO).

2017 you guys. Terrible in so many ways. Very good in this specific one.

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