7 Kickass Canadian Women You Should Follow on Twitter

Facebook, YouTube and Instagram may be the most popular social media sites right now, but that doesn’t mean we’re not still scrolling through our Twitter feeds on the regular. The social networking site is great for news, reactions to news and generally hilarious opinions and quips that are all 140 characters and under.

And while you’re most likely following your fave websites (ahem, you can find us @29secrets), celebrities and, of course, your friends and fams, there are a few hilarious, kickass Canadian women who we’d like to put on your radar.

Below, check out our fave ladies from the Great White North who you should consider adding.

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We mean, you all probably know Anne (she does write for this site, after all), but for those of you who may not be following her on Twitter yet (seriously, what’s wrong with you?), you need to get on that. The writer, columnist and soon-to-be author’s feed will not only make you LOL, but it’ll also make you think, and keep you informed on important issues, including those south of the border. And plus, she’s pretty much Twitter royalty after her epic Meryl Streep/Trump tweet.

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