5 Winter 2021 Must-Reads To Add To Your Bookshelf

By Sienna Vittoria Asselin

If you’re looking for your next read we’ve got you covered. Here are five new titles to keep you turning the pages this winter season. Be empowered by an essay collection on being bold, spend an afternoon reading rupi kaur’s latest poetry, and escape into the world of a gripping novel. Happy reading!

By Julie Buxbaum
This riveting new YA novel (yes, adults can and should read young adult novels too) is inspired by the recent college admissions scandal. It tells the story of a privileged teenage girl whose life is turned upside down when she finds the FBI knocking on her front door looking for her mother and she realizes that her acceptance letter may have had more to do with a bribe than her brain.
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Buzzfeed Ultimate Book of Quizzes
By Buzzfeed
I’m happy to report I’ve found the ultimate antidote to the boredom of a COVID-era holiday spent cooped up at home. All those Buzzfeed quizzes you pretend not to do while you’re at work have been bound and printed in an entertaining and indulgent book. Want to know which decade you belong in? What dog breed matches your personality? How well you remember the first Twilight movie? Enjoy and you’re welcome.
Buy it here: Amazon | Indigo

By Rebecca Reid
In this non-fiction book of essays, journalist Rebecca Reid invites us to stop being so nice all the time and start being bold. It explores how famous women like Anna Wintour and Megnan Markle have been hated on for “rude” behaviour that would have been celebrated as assertiveness, ambition, or power in a man.
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home body
By rupi kaur
Everyone’s favourite instapoet-turned-published poet is back with her third collection. This one explores themes of community, embracing change, and home and is sure to be just as good as her other books.
Buy it here: Amazon | Indigo

White Ivy
By Susie Yang
This dark and gripping novel tackles themes of class and race through the story of Ivy Lin, a young woman taught by her immigrant grandmother to steal. Just as she lies and thieves her way into the ranks of the political elite, her mother discovers her misdemeanors and sends her to China as punishment, cutting her ambitions short.
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