5 Reasons Tina Turner’s Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame Induction Is Long Overdue

This weekend, Tina Turner will finally, at long last, be inducted into The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. Yes, she already has a spot, having been inducted in 1991 alongside Ike Turner, but if there is anyone who deserves her own individual place among legends, it’s Tina Turner.

Here are five reasons why her solo induction is long overdue.

Her Greatest Success Came After the Age of 40
After breaking free from Ike Turner, Tina basically had to start from scratch. Yes, she had been part of a super successful musical duo, but if you’ve seen the movie “What’s Love Got to Do With It” or the HBO/Crave documentary “Tina” you’ll know that she essentially walked away with nothing and had to start from the ground up, saying yes to pretty much everything that came with a paycheck. From 1974-1979, Tina released three solo albums, none of which were hits nor cemented her as a star in her own right. Things were looking bleak. Then, in 1984, her fourth album, “Private Dancer” propelled her into the stratosphere. The album went multi-platinum, spurred a 177-date world tour, and won Tina four Grammy awards. What’s even more remarkable than the success itself is that this blockbuster superstardom came when Tina Turner was 45-years-old. Unheard of! In our current youth-obsessed culture of instant and fleeting TikTok and YouTube fame, it’s hard to imagine a woman being given the space and opportunity to find her greatest success at 45. It’s inspirational as hell. Never give up!

Her Stage Presence
If you’ve ever seen a Tina Turner performance whether in person, on TV, or online, you know this woman gives it everything she’s got and leaves it all on that stage. Those dance moves! Those costumes! Those legs! We stan. Search her 2000 concert at Wembley on YouTube and bask in the absolute glory. Then realize this woman was 60 FUCKING YEARS OLD at the time of that performance and throw your laptop right out the window in amazement. There is no doubt this woman belongs among the pantheon of great performers like Mick Jagger, David Bowie, Michael Jackson, Prince, and Madonna.

The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Needs More Women
The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame started inducting artists in 1986 and of the 351 acts currently honoured by the institution, fewer than 10 per cent are women. Oof. That’s a whole other discussion for another day, but if there is anyone who should help bring that up percentage, it’s Tina Turner. Seriously, though, Rock Hall, 10 per cent? Really?

Fuck Ike Turner 
Imagine being tied to an ex for years after you go your separate ways. Imagine being tied to an ex for the rest of your life. Now imagine that ex was an abusive monster who made your life a living hell. No matter her individual accomplishments, no matter how many years have passed since she bravely broke out on her own, Tina Turner, for the rest of her days and beyond, will always and forever be tied to Ike Turner. If you’ve seen the aforementioned HBO/Crave documentary “Tina” you know how true this is. For years after their divorce, the media consistently and inappropriately peppered her with questions about Ike. Even as a solo artist, as she was selling out arenas, winning awards, and making her own mark in the music industry, it was impossible for Tina to extricate herself from Ike. If getting her own spot in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame does anything to distance herself from Ike, bring it on. Bonus points if it causes that dick Ike to rollover in his grave.

She’s Simply The Best
She’s Tina Fucking Turner! This legendary woman, who turns 82 at the end of November, has slayed for decades and deserves her solo induction while she is still alive to enjoy it and bathe in the pomp and ceremony of it all. Kanye West has said a lot of questionable shit as of late, but he was 100% right when he rapped on the song “Big Brother” off his 2007 album “Graduation” “if you admire someone, you should go ahead and tell ’em, people never get their flowers while they can still smell ’em.”  It’s about time the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame gave Tina Turner her flowers. 

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