10 Ladies to Watch on the 2017 Oscars Red Carpet

It's alright, you can be real with us: nobody really cares who wins at the Oscars. Sure, we'll be talking about it next day and it does set a precedent for the rest of the winner's year, but, for the most part, the ceremony is a sober, self-impressed affair that we watch just to know who was wearing what in real time. With less shenanigans than the Globes, less spectacle than music awards shows and too many speeches that run overlong, many of us just watch the Academy Awards for a generous heaping of pretty.

Each red carpet usually does present us with some surprising sartorial choices, but that said, there usually are some ladies we've learned to enjoy and expect some stellar looks from. Someone give their stylists a raise, pronto: here are the ones to watch this coming Oscar season:

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Kerry Washington’s most prominent red carpet accessory for 2016 was her baby bump, but now that that’s gone, she’s jumped right back into the game with slick hair and svelte silhouettes. Washington’s makeup team helps her hit it out the park more often than anyone else on this list, but even from the neck down, Olivia Pope usually impresses because her attitude is often more charming than even that Dolce & Gabbana fit. 

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