Special Holiday Hostess Gift Ideas

The holiday season is to create memories, reflect on the year that's passed and maybe even make a good first impression. No one likes showing up to a gathering empty handed, especially when the host has gone out of her way to prepare a delicious meal. There are always staples like wine and flowers, but if you’re going to a larger gathering, sometimes those gifts go unnoticed and aren’t enjoyed by the host herself. Here are some ideas to treat your host like the domestic goddess she is!



Without a doubt, you must show up with a gift for the hostess if she is the mother of your significant other. Bringing flowers in addition to another gift is also a good idea. Treat her with bath salts or moisturizers that will allow her some “me-time” during the hectic holiday season.


Flowers for mother-in-law

Your parents

If you’re coming home for the holidays, it’s nice to bring your own folks a little something to appreciate them. In addition to a regular Christmas gift, a good hostess gift idea is to bring one of your own food favourites. Whether it’s your favourite cheese or pie from your local market, you can share it with your family and they will learn more about your tastes and neighbourhood.


Pie for parents

A friend

If you’re visiting your friends for the holidays, a cute hostess gift idea would be a fun board game you could all enjoy after you open presents. Pair Apples to Apples with some mulled wine, and you and your friends are sure to have an entertaining night!


Board game for friend

A significant other

If your boyfriend is hosting a Holiday get together, bring him a cool bottle of wine you’ve wanted to try, or a bottle of bourbon to make delicious cocktails with. If he already has a fully-stocked bar, a classic martini shaker or tool is a nice addition to his cocktail station. If he’s a beer man, pick up an assortment of imports wrapped in a wood crate.


Wine for boyfriend

The animal lover

Don’t forget about your host’s furry friends. Bring them a cute dog-friendly christmas cookie to make them feel special. It’s likely that the pet’s owner will love it too, and it shows that you truly care!


Cookies for dog

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