Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for Your Mother-in-law

One special lady you shouldn’t forget about this Mother's Day is your mother-in-law. Chances are, she played a big part in raising that amazing man of yours, so here are some ideas to pamper her.

Monogrammed Mug

Show her you care with an inexpensive, yet thoughtful gift. A monogrammed mug or ceramic travel mug is personalized and useful. They come in all sorts of colours and designs, so you can get a floral design if she loves gardening, or a graphic, bold striped one if she’s into interior design.

Monogrammed Mug

Herb Basket

If your mother-in-law makes subtle comments on your cooking (she means well), or is the one always cooking up a storm during every family gathering, a small, long window basket filled with potted fresh herbs will liven up her kitchen and her cooking.


Flowers are an easy way to say thank you. Pick up a bouquet and place it in a unique glass vase that she can reuse. A day before Mother’s Day is a good time to surprise her, she won’t expect to be treated, and you can catch up over a couple of lattes from your favourite java joint. Tip: Check out our DIY Mother's Day Floral Arrangement for inspiration. 


While you might not be able to make her breakfast-in-bed, you can assemble a gift basket to replicate the experience. Find a reusable tote (more useful than a basket) and fill it with a jar of delicious biscotti, assorted teas and coffees (Nespresso or Keurig pods if she has a machine), a soothing gel mask and slippers. It’s a cute bundle that’s easy to put together, but has a great impact.

Breakfast Basket

Cocktail Mix

If your mother-in-law loves a stiff drink, find a recipe off Pinterest and bottle up a spritzy cocktail mix, that will only require her to add her poison of choice. You can package it in a cute mason jar with a bow and handwritten tag. 


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