The Best New Scents Worth Gifting For Father’s Day

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People often joke that Father's Day (this Sunday, June 18!) is the Mother's Day nobody cares about, but I've had a strong suspicion that that perception came about just because dads are harder to shop for. Each father is different, but for the most part, few of them are impressed by hand creams and face moisturizers, and buying dads towels, tools or useful housey things for Father's Day just seems disingenuous--a gift may be a gift, but plopping a ribbon or a power drill or a new safety razor is seldom as satisfying as the bang and bustle of a true luxury item.

Colognes are the one thing that's usually a fail-safe gift: well-crafted fragrances are undeniably attractive to men who see an improved version of themselves within the scent, and as long as you're smart about your choice, chances are you'll probably do just fine even if you don't hit it out the park from the get-go. Here are some new fragrances which would work extremely well if you're looking for great last-minute gift options:

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For the gentleman

Marine scents are almost universally good on men, which makes a truly textured seaside scent stand out that much more by comparison. If your father wants something understated and dignified without being heavy, Tom Ford’s Costa Azurra ($170) is the one to gun for. The scent delivers the clarity of a Mediterranean beach through dry, bracing juniper and mellow oak notes. Tropical woods give the cologne a density kept in check by sharp herbal undertones, making this a versatile scent that transitions effortlessly from boardrooms to dining rooms.

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