Winter Nails: Our Top Tips

Along with dry hair and chapped lips, the cold winter weather can wreak havoc on your nails. Here’s how to pamper your paws “ even if they’re under wraps.

Problem: Dry, brittle nails

This is the number one nail problem caused by the dry winter weather. (Just looking at our nails seems to cause them to break!) The key is moisture: apply a hydrating cream to your nails and cuticles every day. Creams with urea, phospholipids or lactic acid can help prevent cracking. Also avoid nail polish removers that contain acetone or formaldehyde.

Problem: Peeling nails

First things first: keep your nails clean and dry, and avoid nail-biting or picking (we had to say it). Ditch the metal nail file and gently file away any rough edges with a soft emery board, in one direction only. Keeping your nails short and in a slightly rounded shape can help too.

Problem: Discoloured nails

All the darker colours we wear on our nails in the winter “ cranberries, reds and other vampy shades “ can cause discolouration. You can solve this problem by soaking your nails in lemon juice or vinegar, and then giving them a good buff before you apply a light polish. Note: discoloured nails can also be a sign of infection, so if you have concerns, see your doctor.


More winter nail tips:

Wear gloves outside. This will prevent nails from getting too dry, and it’s also good for keeping your hands soft and smooth.

Wear rubber gloves when cleaning and doing the dishes. This will protect your nails from getting dried out by exposure to water and chemicals.

Make cuticle oil your best friend. Just place a drop or two on your cuticles morning and night, and rub it into each nail. It will keep them shiny and help with brittleness and tearing.

Don’t trim your cuticles or clean too deeply under your nails, as this can lead to infection.

Don’t forget to eat a balanced diet and take vitamins containing biotin, as sometimes a nutritional deficiency can show up in your nails.

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