Why Braids are Still Going Strong

Last summer you couldn’t swing a pint on a crowded patio without bumping into someone in a pair of cutoff jean shorts rocking a side braid. While the cutoffs should take a back seat and be reserved for milking cows and rodeos, the braid can stay downtown. Why? Because we love them. Not only are they arguably the only hairstyle you can don on any occasion at any age – first ballet recital, prom, job interview, hungover at work on a Monday, your wedding day, and on and on “ they are easy, and the perfect combination of cute and sexy. Don’t take our word for it, look to the Spring/Summer 2011 fashion previews: Valentino and McQueen and Erdem, oh my! “ all said yes please to the braid.

So if you’re planning all braids all the time this spring, how can you mix it up? Easy “ try these on:

Hairline braid: Gwen Stefani opted to put all of her models in braid tiaras to showcase her 2011 spring collection. The braids ran along the top of the hairline horizontally (think of it as a crown on your head) and then were tied back. This look requires a little work but looks great for an evening out. If it’s too time-consuming, cut the braid short and start it at your side part. Again, pin the ends and throw the rest back into a messy bun.

Hide and Seek braid: Donned by bohemian starlets like Drew Barrymore and Ashley Olsen, the peek-a-boo braid hides underneath layers of hair. To get the look, make sure you use hair wax and tease the chunk of hair you’re braiding. You want it to appear messy and unpolished under wavy locks of hair.

Side Braid: Don’t even think about leaving that side pony unwoven, it looks frumpy and pre-historic “ Kelly Kapowski is out. Instead, create a messy side French braid, or catch a how-to video on the herringbone (also known as the fish tail). These are sleek, yet playful – so great for a quick hair fix for work.

Full French Braid: The full French braid is an extremely versatile look. Amanda Seyfried has sported one on the red carpet, while other celebs reserve it for the gym. Whether you have it tight for physical exercise (great for keeping bangs back), or gathered loose for an evening look, the French Braid is a classic choice.

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