When to Make the Cut

You know the drill: you’ve spent the better part of the winter and spring growing and grooming your locks, but as soon as the heat and humidity hits, you’d rather do anything but primp, straighten or deal with whatever may be happening on your head.  As countless stars emerge with shorter, sleeker summer ˜dos, it’s definitely tempting to head to the salon and lose several inches, but is it always a good idea?  Here are some of our tips on when to cut it off or grow it out.

Substance and Texture

You may think that Norah Jone’s recent shaggy crop is perfect for those lazy afternoons shopping with friends, but if your hair texture is the opposite of Ms. Jones, you may want to think again.  While we’d all love to sport short locks, if your hair is high maintenance (relatively thick, curly or intensely straight), you may want to think again unless you’re willing to spend a good chunk of your morning routine caring for your coif.

And if you’re still determined to change it up and lose some length, try doing it in stages with layers, bangs or rocking a different texture (choppy versus sleek).  That way, if it turns out that morning maintenance isn’t your thing, you still have updo options “ and if you love your updated look, you can visit your hairdresser soon.

Rocking the Rut

On the other side of things, seeing stars like Zooey Deschanel and Jennifer Aniston flaunt their long locks can make you embrace your length to the other extreme.  While we’d all love to don layers and make like Gisele Bundchen, the sad reality is most of the time, extensions are required.  If you’ve been rocking the same length for years, hoping your dead ends transform into something luscious and shiny, a trip to the salon may be required to spruce things up.

If your hair is thin or fine, keep it shoulder-length light, or make the cut into bob territory.  And if your hair is heavy, tired and wearing you down, commit to the short of it “ a shoulder-length look easily makes things fresh and new, and is a happy medium between blah and bold.

Solid Mindset

The last thing you want to do is to head to your stylist when you’re resentful, stressed out or in the midst of a heat wave, so if you’re frustrated about the current state of your hair, make sure you give it some thought before you make any drastic changes.

If you’ve been toying with the idea of losing some length, consider how much time you’re willing to dedicate to styling, upkeep and all things related.  Rhianna may look amazing, but she has a team of stylists on her side “ and the same goes for the extension-loving starlets who make it look like they were born with a mane that succeeds in making us all envious.

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