What’s Your Perfect Hair Colour?

By Alison McGill

We’re talking about a lot more than a shade complimenting your skin tone here. Did you know your hair colour speaks to, and reflects your personality? You may have been born a brunette but are really a ginger at heart with your inspired personality. It’s time to let your true self shine.

Jed Puznak, a colourist at Toronto’s Alcorn Salon, says never be afraid of a new colour idea and loves when clients come to him ready to embrace change. “My favourite thing is when you see the twinkle in a client’s eye that says they are ready for something dynamic and different,” Puznak explains. “It’s uplifting to watch people reconsider themselves.”

If you are thinking of a dramatic transformation, Puznak says there are a few things to keep top of mind before taking the permanent plunge. First, consider intention and why you want to switch things up. Is this a long term move or a short term, fun one? Big colour changes can be stressful on your hair. They can also be time consuming and costly so it’s a change you need to budget for. Lastly, you’ve got to do your homework before arriving in your colourist’s chair. “Pay attention to how others wear the hair colour you want,” Puznak says. “Consider what you like and what you don’t—every colour has it’s pros and cons. If you do your research it will help your colourist to make a change that works beautifully for you.”

So how do you realize your colour personality match? Read on to discover your true hue.

Redheads Are Creatives
“This is a colour that separates you from the bunch,” Puznak explains. “It says you are not afraid to stand out, be unforgettable, embrace a bold aesthetic and that you think outside the box.”

Head turning redheads: Rihanna, Jessica Chastain, Grace Coddington.

Brunettes Are Analytical
“This may appear to be an easy, breezy and simple colour to create, but it takes precise calculation to make it look uncomplicated,” Puznak reports. “You are a master of effortless in all aspects of your life and you plan all appointments and engagements well in advance to keep things running smoothly.”

Head turning brunettes: Priyanka Chopra, Gemma Chan, H.E.R.

Blondes Are Extroverts
“This colour will forever have a mythical cool factor associated with it,” Puznak says. “There is power in peroxide and there is a lightness and brightness about blondes—it’s a colour that invites people into your orbit.”

Head turning blondes: Beyonce, Debbie Harry, Billie Eilish.

We also can’t forget statement shades like pink, blue, lilac and apricot—all colours of the rainbow are now hugely popular choices. Puznak says these sorbet hues you see all over social media are fun to experiment with and are a match if you are a little rebellious and rock n’ roll. “You can easily layer these pastel shades over old highlights, or sun-bleached hair, to create an impactful look. I am also seeing clients with white hair mix things up by going pastel and I absolutely love this trend!”

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