What Is Hair Botox?

By Alison McGill

Let’s just say it’s not what you’re thinking! Hair Botox does not involve injections of any sort, but it is a professional-grade treatment all about rejuvenation.

Hair Botox is a deep conditioning, in-salon treatment designed to revitalize and de-stress hair by deeply repairing damaged and broken hair fibers. Hot tools and thermal styling can do a number on our hair, and this intensive treatment is the perfect way to get your gorgeous, glossy locks back. If you’ve seen the current TikTok craze for ‘liquid hair,’ know that hair Botox is one of the secrets to achieving that glorious, glass-like sheen.

How Does Hair Botox Work?
This non-chemical deep conditioning treatment is packed with proteins, amino acids, collagen, lipids, and vitamins like B-5 and E. When applied, it acts like a filler—it’s designed to plump and smooth hair and infuse a deep level of moisture into the cuticle. Treatment typically stays on for 30-minutes, then hair is rinsed and styled. You will immediately notice your hair looks and feels fuller. It will also have an incredible luster and softness to it. Results typically last three to four months.

How Does Hair Botox Differ From Keratin Treatments?
Keratin treatments include a chemical component to straighten hair and infuse shine, hair Botox does not. Also, keratin treatments alter the texture of your hair. After a hair Botox session, you will still have your natural waves, curls, and coils.

Does Hair Require Special Care After Hair Botox?
Yes, you may need to make a few changes to your cleansing and conditioning products as it’s essential to use ones that are sulfate and paraben-free. These are gentler on hair and will ensure the effects of your treatment are long-lasting. Also, wash hair less frequently to maintain the effects of your hair Botox treatment.

Will Hair Botox Affect My Colour?
You may notice a slight change to colour particularly on the ends after this intensive treatment—it can result in a slight lightening effect. One thing to note though is that pros advise steering clear of colouring your hair for a few weeks following a hair Botox treatment as it will diminish the effects of it.

How Much Does Hair Botox Cost?
Salons typically price this procedure according to the length of your hair. Toronto’s Glow Getter Hair currently offers hair botox treatments starting from $170 for 25 centimeters of hair.

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