We Tried It: Green Beaver Day Facial Cleanser

What it is:

Green Beaver Day Facial Cleanser with purifying grapefruit & anti-oxidant green tea

How it works:

I have combination (normal) skin, and found this cleanser to be just right for it. That said, it’s also gentle enough for use on sensitive skin, and is a great remedy for common ailments like eczema and psoriasis. Grapefruit is also a natural antibacterial agent, so it helps prevent future break-outs, while calming chamomile works on existing blemishes and inflammation.

How it feels:

The smooth solution isn’t greasy, and it’s very workable. It’s fragrance-free, but because it features natural grapefruit extract, you’re left with a very light, citrus scent after use. Light textured and replenishing, this is a great all-round cleanser for everyday use.

Is it worth the hype?

Yes. All the items in the Green Beaver collection are cruelty-free, certified organic, environmentally-friendly and still perform.

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