Waxing vs. Shaving

Hair removal is a very subjective and personal choice. I am sure most women have shaved, waxed, tweezed and threaded many parts of their bodies! While all of these approaches are effective in removing hair, what are the pros and cons of each? And perhaps certain techniques are better for certain parts of the body, what is your preference?


Pros: Whether you are going to wax at home or with a pro – waxing kits and salons are readily available. The results from waxing can last up to six weeks and does not result in stubble or a shadow under the skin. With consistent waxing, hair can grow thinner and less frequent.

Cons: Do-it-yourself waxing kits can be tricky and doing your own bikini wax can be tricky, messy, and painful. Waxing also requires hair to grow 2-3mm long before it can be removed cleanly from the follicle. For sensitive skin, bumps and ingrown hairs can result from waxing.

Popular regions for waxing:  eyebrows, upper lip, arms, bikini line.


Pros: Shaving is quick, convenient and affordable! All you need is a good razor, and a bar of soap or shaving cream.

Cons: Hair can show up within the same day with a slight shadow or stubble above the skin. Razor burn, bumps and ingrown hairs are very common. Hair can also begin growing more coarse and frequent.

Popular regions for shaving: legs, underarm, bikini line.


Based on a survey of my friends, I found that the hair removal techniques varied depending on three factors – season, relationship status, and convenience. Waxing being the most popular for women in the summer, when in a relationship, and done at a salon. However, shaving is a staple for most women year round for regular grooming – legs, and underarms. Do you agree?

Have you waxed, shaved, lasered, bleached, or used depilatory creams?  What is your approach?


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    It’s great to know that waxing can last up to six weeks and wouldn’t result into a stubble or a shadow under the skin. I’m sure my wife would love to try this out, I’ll try getting her one as a gift. Thanks for the great article!

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