The Ultimate List of Beauty Don’ts

We have all made our fair share of beauty mistakes. While our mothers can laugh about their beauty habits in the 70’s and 80’s and forget about them, we have Facebook to thank for reminding us of all of those bad choices. From the chipped nail polish in your sister’s wedding album to the falling-off fake eyelashes at your graduation “ hopefully you have learned from the poor choices and their photographic evidence. If you haven’t yet, here are a few beauty mistakes that are commonly made but can be avoided.

1. Caked on foundation and the infamous jaw line:

The right foundation can create a perfect, flawless canvas.  But if it’s the wrong colour, it can look like an obvious mask. This is the most evident along the jawline, which will give you that icky two-tone contrast between your face and neck. To avoid this, start off with a freshly washed face and lightly apply a stick concealer to your problem areas and blend. Then use a tinted moisturizer like Clinique’s Almost Makeup over your whole face. The stick concealer will hide your imperfections while the tinted moisturizer will soften your skin and create an even palette.

2. The Snookie Poof:

Unless you have been living under a rock this past year, you know about Jersey Shore and its most infamous cast member. While the ridiculous lines and overdone hair may be hilarious to laugh about on MTV, it is not for replicating. Pulling back your bangs from your face can be cute, however avoid the overuse of hairspray, bobby pins and back combing. Simply take a four finger wide section of your bangs, pull it back, tease lightly, and secure with two bobby pins.

3. Fake eyelashes that look fake:

The point of false eyelashes is to look natural. People should wonder how your lashes grew so much, not how you blink while wearing all of that glue. When buying fake lashes ensure they are not abnormally long and that the glue you are using dries clear. The most natural looking ones have varied lash lengths and only a slight curve. To avoid visible glue, spread the glue in a small plastic plate and dip the ends of the lashes into it and apply directly on your lash line.  When in doubt, ask a professional “ MAC beauty experts offer false lash application at most of their retail counters.

4. Mismatched lip-liner           

While bold lip liner was hot in the 90’s, it is not a retro trend that is making a come back any time soon. When wearing lip liner, ensure the color matches your lipstick shade perfectly. Most brands stick with the same color choices for both the liner and the lipstick, so ensure you are choosing the same ones. When applying, stay within the lines of your lips and use a steady hand.

5. Chipped Nail Polish           

We all can remember a time when we were admiring a girl’s shirt, her belt, the cute headband in her hair “ she looked so put together. But then you were misled by the chipped hot pink polish that looks like it hadn’t been reapplied for… well, never. Worse yet, we can remember when that girl was us. Who has time to perfectly do your nails every few days, and who has the money to getting a manicure once a week? The answer: plan ahead. When you know you are going to be busy the coming week, take the time to apply a simple nude polish and topcoat that will not make a dent in your wardrobe if it is slightly chipped. Save the hot reds and statement blacks for the weekend, when you want to take your look to the next level and have time to deal with the reapplication. 

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  1. Avatar
    • Anonymous
    • January 1, 1970
    How to pin back your bangs properly–Thank-you!! before mine always looked plastered to the side of my head!!! Also, Cute article, I liked the quick wit!
  2. Avatar
    • Anonymous
    • January 1, 1970
    How to pin back your bangs properly–Thank-you!! before mine always looked plastered to the side of my head!!! Also, Cute article, I liked the quick wit!

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