Top Nail Trends for Summer

It’s officially summer, and it’s time to hit the beach – for your nails. Essie’s Lead Nail Artist Rita Remark shares her insight on the latest nail trends this summer, and gives some tips on how you can try doing nail art all on your own. Don’t worry, it’s easier than you think! 

According to Rita, going nude – ahem – on your nails is a big trend this summer. “I love a combination of beautiful, natural buffs, “ she says. “Personally, I always prefer opacity. Colours that are nude but are completely opaque – I love that effect.”

If you prefer something that makes a bit more statement, Rita also recommends blues in a variety of shades, including “everything from really pale to a dark, almost metallic blue.” And while coral is always a great go-to for summer, orange is the big hit this season with shades ranging from deep poppy orange to melon. “It’s very clean and looks gorgeous with a tan!” says Rita. 

While a single shade is a quick and easy update to your nails, nail art has been making the Pinterest rounds for a long time now. If you haven’t attempted your own, it’s actually not as difficult as you might think to create an eye-catching design. 

One of Rita’s quick and easy nail art methods involves choosing three colours to create a wave effect, as pictured on the left below. The first colour is ideally a nude or buff, and is the base that goes all over the nail. You can then choose any other combination of colours (such as white and blue) for the wave design. Use the white nail polish to draw two to three lines the width of your brush on the nail, letting the colour “pool” a little before pulling the brush up. Then repeat with your third colour on top of the white, leaving the white just a little bit visible. It’s a simple trick with great results and no special tools required. 

If you’re feeling ready to try more advanced nail art techniques, Rita recommends having three basic tools in your kit. 

“First is an angled eyeliner brush,” she says.” You can use this for cleaning up if you dip it into a bit of nail polish remover. Second, you’re going to need a dotting tool, and you can get these at Shoppers Drug Mart. You can also use a bobby pin. It’s good for creating flowers, polka dots, or trickling rain. Third, you need a striping brush that you can use for lines, curves, or any extra details. Again, this is something you can pick up at Shoppers Drug Mart. If you have a very fine brush at home, you can cut all the extra bristles until it’s the width you desire.” 

With this basic arsenal, you can start creating all sorts of fun patterns and little pieces of artwork on your nails. And if you prefer to keep it simple and go in the buff, there’s no need to cover up.

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