Top 3 Embarrassing Summer Beauty Woes

Summer is the time that most of us feel our sexiest “ the sun is out, the skin is bared, and the patio-worthy beverages are flowing. But all that good weather has its drawbacks, in the form of these less-than-sizzling beauty mishaps. We tell you how to solve them and get back on that patio/deck chair/yacht (hey, it’s good to dream, right?).

Smelly feet

A mixture of sweat and bacteria can produce a pretty pungent odour. In the summer, that problem is made worse by bare feet. But you shouldn’t have to miss out on those pretty peep-toe shoes. One quick method of in-between cleaning is to wipe your soles with a cotton ball soaked in rubbing alcohol before and after putting on your shoes. Spray your shoes with a drugstore odour fighter in between wears to keep them bacteria-free, and steer clear of shoes made out of synthetic materials as they don’t allow your feet to breathe. And when you do wear socks, make sure to stick with cotton fabrics only (it does a much better job of soaking up sweat).


AKA — breakouts on your shoulders and upper back. This form of body acne is the enemy of sundresses and halter-tops everywhere. As with face breakouts, the first step to clear skin is to avoid the urge to pick “ you’ll just spread bacteria over the rest of your back and could end up with some scarring to boot. Plus, scars are extra susceptible to sun burn and could end up looking even more obvious. Instead, wash the area daily with a shower gel containing salicylic acid, which will help to unclog pores. You can also use a gentle exfoliator like a loofah to remove dead skin cells. Lastly, don’t stop using sunscreen (sun doesn’t really cure acne, unfortunately), but do look for a non-comedogenic option.

Ingrown hairs

These little suckers can be the bane of our existence during bathing suit season. The bikini line is especially prone to infected hair follicles because the hair is thicker and curlier (which is why it curls back into the skin). Exfoliating regularly and keeping the area clean with antibacterial soap with help prevent the problem. To get rid of ingrown hairs that are already there, use a pimple spot treatment with benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid to remove some of the skin and reduce infection. For a quick fix, crush some uncoated white aspirin tablets and make into a paste with a few drops of water (what you end up with is essentially the same as salicylic acid). You can also try pressing the area with a warm compress to help bring the infection to a head. And only use tweezers to coax out a stubborn hair if some of the hair is actually above the skin “ this is no time to perform an impromptu surgery.



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