Summer Blockbusters: Get the Looks of These Leading Ladies

With blockbuster season in full swing, the frontwomen of the silver screen have spawned more cinema-inspired trends.  However, unlike last year’s Zooey Deschanel sweetheart dresses or Megan Fox’s sultry sidekick attire, this year’s installment of leading ladies embrace take-charge attitudes and the attire that goes with them, whether they’re married to Leo or fighting off vampires.

Kristen Stewart as Bella Swan (Twilight)

Disguised as the everyday girl next door, Bella’s contrasting dark hair and pale complexion help her stand apart from her high school comrades (while working to get the attention of both a charming werewolf and striking vampire).  Therefore, instead of cursing your inability to get a tan this summer, embrace your pale skin and play it up with darker lips and defined eyes “ but add a little rose-coloured blush to mimic her rosy cheeks and to prevent yourself from looking gothic.  Also, don’t be afraid to play up your hair’s natural volume “ if you’re going to embrace the effortless nature of Bella Swan, shake up your waves, throw on a button up and head out the door.

Marion Cotillard as Mal (Inception)

Few people can carry off a bob like Marion, and in Christopher Nolan’s Inception, she takes the elegance of the 1930s and applies it to modern day.  Portraying a complex and determined leading lady, she perfects the art of channelling the looks of long ago, but with her fair complexion and vivid eyes, she modernizes her aesthetic and makes it suitable for a night on the town.  If you normally wear your hair straight, use rollers to create loose curls, then run your fingers through and muss them up, adding volume and spraying to finish.  For makeup, don 60s-inspired eyeliner and use a lengthening mascara to make your eyes pop, then use a light pink tint or lipgloss to round it out.

Angelina Jolie as Salt (Salt)

When it comes to fearless ladies starring in action flicks, Angelina tops them all, and while Megan Fox may have owned all things sultry last summer, the agent known as Salt now puts all other female action roles to shame.  With blunt bangs and long black locks, heads promise to turn, and while you may not have the volume or length to carry off Salt’s trademark mane, you can still borrow from her makeup.  Using black eyeliner and charcoal eyeshadow, vamp up the standard smoky look by lining the whole eye and using a pumping mascara (or false lashes) to add even more drama.  However, the rule of less is more is still in effect, so instead of dark lipstick or a red tint, opt for sheer gloss or a nearly nude balm.

Mary Elizabeth Winstead as Ramona Flowers (Scott Pilgrim vs. the World)

While you’re not expected to dye your hair pink or blue, to take a page out of the book of Ramona is to have fun with your makeup and to take risks otherwise reserved for costume parties or nights at a great live show.  If you have natural volume, play it up, and if your hair is pin-straight, make it dramatically so.  Bright red lips are always en vogue, so like Scott Pilgrim‘s leading lady, blot some colour on your lips, and add enough colour to your cheeks that you look rosy and refreshed.  Use this look to give your eyes a break, so instead of intricate shadow and heavy definition, opt for mascara and only a touch of liner.  You’ll look cool, calm and collected “ and like defeating an army of exes is an everyday occurrence.

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