Spring’s Hottest Hair Colours

Few things justify a complete hairstyle makeover like the promise of a new spring day, so with chirping birds, jackets and Easter chocolate in mind, we’ve rounded up some of the hottest spring hair colours to give you inspiration when heading into the salon. Just don’t blame us when you can’t decide between them.


Since winter months see cool tones, pale skin and less of a risk of sun-induced fading, the concept of warm seems more like an insult than a colour idea. However, now that it’s safe to aspire to be Californian goddesses (while bundling up and ignoring any chance of wet flurries), rich, warm tones are the quintessential colour option when determining the ultimate 2011 shade. Blondes seem honey-drenched, browns seem golden, and even reds seem richer, thus making the days of picnics and sidewalk cafes seem like an actual reality. 

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If you’ve recently bleached or dyed the ends of your hair, fear not “ it’s fine. Since ombre’s look is built on a bohemian aesthetic that seems Californian based (think Laurel Canyon circa 1969), it’s only natural that spring’s colour spectrum would make room for proverbial fence sitting. Translation? If you’re in the market to combine shades or to simply lighten the colour you have, spring’s the time to do it. With lighter ends signaling the effortlessness of a day at the beach, or a contrasting colour (like black, red or even blue) maintaining the artistic spirit cultivated by colour blocking or couture, you can get away with taking risks.

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Blame Florence, Hayley or the pre-blonde Emma Stone, but red is far from losing appeal, with designers like Badgley Mischka using red-headed models to add even more character to their complex designs. However, while the natural ginger hue is one that’s hard to mimic, street style and underground fashion has embraced cartoon-like colour, with vivid shades accompanying traditional hairstyles to create a wearable look that’s not for the faint of heart. Luckily, if Ronald red isn’t your style, you still have options: auburn hues (like Amy Adams’) is the perfect compromise between red and brown, while a purple-red is just retro enough that it’s again considered stylish.

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You can easily argue that dark hair is never not en vogue, but with blacks and dark browns accompanying angled bobs and blunt cuts, the shades have been given an edginess reserved usually for rock and/or roll or the avant-garde. Often accompanied by bangs or a one-length style, super-dark hair accompanies the minimalist theme of certain spring 2011 fashions, and is ideal for the dramatic side part or slicked-back look reminiscent of the 80s or early 1990s. Spring has a dark side, after all.

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