Spring Nail Art Ideas

From pastels hues to floral prints, our beauty ideas sometimes emulates what time of year it is. Here are some cute DIY manis inspired by Easter and springtime.


Tattoo nail art

If you love the look of photo realistic nail art, but hate nail stickers or don’t have the patience to paint on intricate designs, then paint your nails an opaque white or light colour and apply temporary tattoos to your nails. The directions are the same on your nails as it is for your skin. Seal in the design with a top coat.

Tattoo nail art


Temporary tattoo cuticles

Taking the temporary tattoo idea one step further, apply plain monochrome tattoos to your cuticles as details to accentuate your nail art. Florals look great for spring.


Dior Nail Glow

After the past few seasons, we’ve been innundated with nail art. Simplicity is the name of the game this season as healthy looking nails are the top trend for spring. Give your bare nail beds some TLC with cuticle oil and finish with a sheer top coat, or an enhancing transparent shade, like Dior’s Nail Glow for a subtle rose tint.

Dior Nail Glow


Textured polish

For a finish that looks like nail art, but can be achieved in one coat, look for a textured polish with multicoloured particles. Nicole by OPI Roughles come in a bevy of easter-egg pastel hues. Better yet, get a few of them and colour your nails different colours to look like real easter eggs.


Flower mani

Take your daisy obession to your nails with the Ciate Flower Manicure kit which comes complete with real dried flowers! You can replicate this kit inexpensively buy finding mini dried blooms at a craft store or on Etsy, placing them on your favourite coloured nail polish and finishing with a topcoat. A matte top coat would elevate this look even more, giving your nails a petal-like texture.


Pistacchio & Peach

Mint has had its moment, and this season, pale shades of pistacchio and peach will make your digits stand out. Essie’s Fashion Playground is a pistacchio that has a playful shimmer, while Essie’s Resort Fling is the perfect complimentary apricot, peachy colour. These two colours work great together and can be combined on your nails in fun, easy patterns like polka-dots and stripes.

essie fashion playground

Pastel graphic nail art

These nails remind me of my graphic easter plates. Gather all your favourite pastel shades and paint on small triangles, creating a graphic pattern. Once the polish dries, get a fine tip liner polish, or a nail art pen to outline the edges were the colours meet. Finish with a glossy topcoat.

A simpler version would be to paint your nails one colour, then with a different colour, create a diagonal triangle at one corner of each nail. Line where the colours meet with a white or metallic polish, or accentuate with a rhinestone or nail stud.

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