Sneaky Ways to Look Expensive

If, like most of us, you’re on a budget, you probably have to ease up on your beauty product purchases and shop drugstore once in a while to keep costs down. But that doesn’t mean you can’t still look like you’re living the high life. These little tricks will keep you looking classy and keep your accountant off your back.

1. Flawless Skin.

Some of the best foundations out there cost a mint. So what’s a girl to do if she’s not willing to drop $50 (or more) on the highest-quality face makeup? First of all, the right colour is crucial “ investing a little time into finding the perfect match will make even the cheapest stuff look custom-made. Steer clear of anything with even a hint of orange – it will never look natural and (trust us) always look cheap. And up the ante by using primer. There are tons of affordable options out there now, and it’s a sound investment because it makes whatever you put on top look better and stick around longer.

2. Concentrated Colours.

A rich colour pigment is often what separates the high from the low when it comes to makeup brands. It’s possible to find concentrated pigments in more affordable brands too, but you’ll probably have to take the product for a test-drive (if you try a lipstick on your wrist, look for the product that shows the least amount of skin underneath). Get the same effect with less expensive eye shadow by using the right tools. A proper eye shadow brush will allow you to pile the pigment on, while the little foam applicator that comes in most eye shadow compacts will usually just smear the colour around ineffectually.

3. Face Framing Highlights.

No one’s suggesting that you actually attempt a full head of highlights on your own. For all but the most gifted DIYer, it usually ends up in an over-bleached mess. But you can still stretch the time between pricey salon visits by practicing restraint and highlighting just the teeny-tiniest strands of hair around your face for a sunkissed look. You’d be surprised what a big difference such a little change can make.

4. Bright Pink Blush.

It’s a well-known fact that many of cheapest brands out there produce blush that brings you back to your neon days. But that pink highlighter hue may be just what you’re looking for. Again, with the right brush, a sheer sweep of very bright pink can actually give your cheeks a surprisingly natural glow. Just remember to take it easy, unless Barbie really is your style guru.

5. Buffed Nails.

Getting regular manicures requires time and money. And let’s face it, even the budget-friendly at-home version can be tricky to make look professional if you lack hand-eye coordination (or, you know, patience). By keeping your nails meticulously groomed, instead, you can skip the products and still look polished. All you need is a nail file and a buffer that will make your nails look super-shiny (and will even make your tips look whiter).

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