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Skin Care Tips from the Pros!

Win a gift bag of philosophy goodies & learn editor’s top beauty secrets

What happens when beauty editors get together for a sleepover at the Trump Hotel with philosophy’s director of global press, Robin White? Magic happens! Not only were we dishing on our favourite products of all time, swapping and trying each other’s picks, we also talked a lot about confidence. How to be comfortable in the skin you are in. It isn’t easy! We all became beauty experts because of our passion for cosmetics, which we used to cover what we thought were our imperfections. Learning to accept those tiny flaws and see them as beautiful came with time. As we begin to learn to embrace what’s beautiful, we also learn the importance of taking care of ourselves. What we love is that philosophy “promises to deliver products that inspire us to live a better life by being better to yourself.”

Our lovely group of beauty experts consisted of Robin White, Kim Gibson and Sarah Micak from philosophy’s public relations team, Beautezine’s Jessica Desjardins, Elle Canada’s Jenn Weatherhead Harrington, TheKit.ca’s Natasha Bruno, 29Secrets Editor-in-Chief, Sara Koonar, and TheBurgundyBook.com’s Rema Gouyez. The evening kicked off with a discussion about philosophy over wine and treats and was followed up by a delicious dinner, then of course… the sleepover!

To help recap the fabulous event, Sara and Rema share their favourite philosophy products, the best beauty gossip from the sleepover and confidence boosting tips:

Sara Koonar, 29Secrets.com

Which philosophy product can you not live without? miracle worker miraculous anti-aging retinoid eye repair. As I approach 30, I am beginning to see signs of aging around my eyes. Small wrinkles and discolouration have appeared, leaving me looking tired. philosophy’s high-performance retinoid helps repair those under-eye bags, dark circles and fine lines all within 4 weeks of starting the product. I apply it in the morning and evening. Plus, I love the packaging that reads, “Your eyes are the windows to your soul, not your age.”

What makes you feel beautiful? Maya Angelou’s poem Phenomenal Woman has helped me to truly love myself. She writes, “Now you understand/ Just why my head's not bowed/ I don't shout or jump about/ Or have to talk real loud/ When you see me passing/ It ought to make you proud/ I say/ It's in the click of my heels/ The bend of my hair/ The palm of my hand/ The need for my care/ 'Cause I'm a woman/ Phenomenally/ Phenomenal woman. That's me.” Need I say more?

What’s your top beauty secret? Wash your makeup off before going to bed, every night! Seriously! I read a survey that a third of us sleep with makeup on and that doing so can age our skin a full decade. I love philosophy’s purity made simple cleansing cloths; on those nights when I don’t have time to cleanse, peel and treat, I’ll AT LEAST wipe off all the makeup, pollution and dirt that has accumulated during the day. Plus, it is a pain to get those mascara stains off your pillows if you don’t.

Which of Robin's tips resonated the most with you? My skin is a tad oily, and Robin suggested I try philosophy’s micro exfoliating micro-massage exfoliating wash. Since the event I have been using it daily and I can’t believe the difference in my skin. I can actually make it through an entire work day without pulling out my blotting sheets.

What part of the philosophy sleepover did you enjoy the most? The surprises in our rooms! When we arrived there were donuts and pyjamas waiting for us. After dinner when we returned to our rooms the philosophy team left a bag of evening products and a bag of morning products, complete with instructions on how to use all of them in our routine. 

Rema Gouyez, TheBurgundyBook.com

Which philosophy product can you not live without? The one philosophy product I couldn't live without is the purity made simple cleansing cloths. My days are often long and busy and at the end of it all I sometimes feel too lazy to remove my makeup. Awful, I know! I keep these wipes and a tub of hope in a jar night moisturizer at my bedside for those extra exhausted days. After noticing the wear and tear of the environment and long day before, this resurfaces my skin to a smooth, bright finish before I’m up and ready to go at it again. 

What makes you feel beautiful? I feel most beautiful when I’m wearing light make up and coral shades on my lips and cheeks. I feel like coral is such a universally flattering colour and with a tinted moisturizer and peachy pink shades to brighten my complexion, I feel prettiest. 

What’s your top beauty secret? The magic trio. Deep cleansing, hydration and SPF. It took me years of testing different products but this combination helped me achieve the best skin I’ve ever had in my life! I start by using my purity made simple one-step cleanser with my Clarisonic, spritz on a toner and layer on my time in a bottle serum (for repair) with either hope in a jar for dry skin or a refining moisturizer. During the day, I complete my routine with Vichy’s Capital Soliel SPF 50 for protection against further damage.

Which of Robin's tips resonated the most with you? I loved the new brand manifest that Robin shared with us, particularly the words “we inspire beautiful days” and “we encourage conversation”. 

“It’s always been about conversation…not just saying here’s a product, it’s about sharing our words and asking you to tell us what you think,’” Robin said. I loved this element of conversation in the brand’s ethos particularly when experiencing a product for the first time. 

I couldn’t stop sniffing the remnants of amazing grace that lingered on my wrist after my first sprit that night. It’s funny because every time I try a new fragrance I ask my boyfriend’s opinion first. Everyday since, I’ve worn the delicate scent to work and to bed. 
What part of the philosophy sleepover did you enjoy the most?  I can’t pick one! Everything about the philosophy sleepover was so great. Funnily enough my favourite parts were the conversations we had (tying in to their philosophy), from the girly round table with some of my favourite editors in the city, to the girl’s night-in playing with products and chatting about work in Sara’s room. Of course, I can’t forget the incredible stash of my favourite philosophy staples that were waiting for me in my room!


290 responses to “Skin Care Tips from the Pros!”

  1. I’ve used the Philosophy bath products and love the fragrances, but I would love to try some of their products for the face.
  2. Hope in a Jar is my go-to for an easy moisturizing routine. Makes my skin oh so glowy with 0 effort! <3
  3. I first used Philosophy products when I was given a basket for my Birthday. The facial care products are amazing and work to keep my skin healthy in a colder climate.
  4. I really want to try the Purity face cleanser because I have heard so many great things about Philosophy products.
  5. I won a jar of Hope in a Jar about a year ago and it was the first Philosophy product I’d ever tried. Now I’m hooked. I have about a dozen of their products now with Hope in a Jar still being my favourite.
  6. I have never tried the products but after reading this wonderful article I am definitely going to give it a try!
  7. ive been using philosophy products for the past 5 years.yes hope in a jar is my favorite.however I do also love the amazing grace scent.for chrismas my girls always get philosophy prducts from lip to hair in their stockings.
  8. purity made simple cleansing cloths are my favourite for their portability as well as their gentle effectiveness.
  9. As my boy approaches 2 I feel a little more in control , I was one of those mums trying to conceal my sleep deprived eyes and trying to catch up on any zzzz and that meant no beauty routine that you tried so desperately to hold on to from your teens , I’m so ready for spring clean… Help me get started!!!
  10. I have heard a lot about these products from friends in my age group of 40 +. We try to do all we can as women, Don’t we! Uugh!!!! I would love the opportunity to try these products, especially since word of mouth has struck my curiosity. Thank you
  11. I’ve never tried Philosophy products before, but I’d love the chance to be able to! I wear a little lip gloss or pretty pink lip stick and some eye shadow in Pink and powder blue along with pearl nail polish. Pretty and sweet!
  12. I really like their “clear days ahead” collection, it did a great job clearing up my skin and keeping it clear.
  13. I noticed something different about a friend’s eyes and asked her about it. She told me she had been using “Full of Promise” and highly recommended it. I got some for myself, since I’ve had problems with aging and sagging on my lids and under eye area. After using this product for about a month, it was me who began to get people asking me what I’ve done differently! I love this product.
  14. I am a fan of anything on the market, or that I see in the stores ( no matter how much it may cost ) I find myself with drawers and storage boxes full of, rather inadequate products . I would like to come across a product, such as “Philosophy”, perhaps, that I can use without feeling like a cake has been put on my face, with only a few small drops on my fingertips . A lot of other products have let let me down, so I’m eager to try this one !
  15. I use the microdelivery daily exfoliating wash and would love to be able to try other Philosophy products.
  16. I’ve heard a lot of great things about this line of products “Philosphy” but haven’t been able to afford it since I’ve been job hunting. I hope to try all of their products. Thanks for the chance to win!! If I do win, will write my honest opinion re: Possibility line!
  17. I love using Hope in a Jar on my face right before going to bed. It’s not greasy and keeps my skin from drying out overnight.
  18. My daughter gave me Hope In A Jar, I put it away till once day months later I decided to use it, I was blown away, my face was no longer dry and flaky, been a fan ever since.
  19. I think I bought one of their fragrances a few years ago, but I overall don’t know their products well. This would be a great introduction.
  20. I would love to win the PHILOSOPHY Cake Me to Paradise Set. I will be 62 this year, December, and am always looking for great products to protect and improve my skin, give my face some life. I started wearing moisturizers, in particular on my face when I was 21 and always have, twice a day. I am sure it has helped me to age gracefully. I also love to wear lightly scented perfumes and body moisturizers that aren’t over-bearing, not always that easy to find.
  21. I am new to the product line but am looking forward to giving the facial product a try since I’ve heard great reviews about them from my friends….
  22. I have heard many great things about Philosophy. Don’t have my special story yet, but plan to have one soon.
  23. I could be slopping around in old clothes doing housework, or just being lazy, but if I spray on the Grace spray-on oil, I feel beautiful…but it is especially gorgeous after a shower or bath!
  24. I have heard so much about Philosophy products and Hope in a Jar seems to be very popular. I would love to try it.
  25. I love the philosophy’s purity made simple cleansing cloths. So easy to use and so effective.
  26. I have never used philosophy products, but after reading about Sara’s comments on the Miracle worker Miracle anti-aging retinoid eye repair, I must run out an get a bottle..Sounds like just what I need.Sounds like wonderful products..and I;d love to win
  27. I love the smell of all their products. “Hope in a Jar” is fantastic for me; not every products suits me but this one does 🙂
  28. Would love to win this luxurious and indulgent line of products! They are supreme quality and infectiously fragrant.
  29. I picked up some Miracle Saver cleanser on sale at Winners and now both my daughter and I are completely sold on the whole range of products.
  30. I have used pure grace in the past and loved it. would love to try it again! The collection would be perfect for my beauty regime for my upcoming wedding in October!!
  31. Rules 1, 2, and 3: remove all makeup every night, moisturize, always wear sunscreen. I love Philosophy’s scents.
  32. Would love to win! Have used Philosophy products before, they smell delicious, but not over powering, and worked well. 🙂
  33. I love all the scents but my favorite is Pure Grace and than Amazing Grace. The lotions are so nice.
  34. I would love to win because I have never tried this product. It sounds great-can’t wait to win and have my own stories to share-Thanks for the chance.
  35. I have heard so many great things about Philosophy and unfortunately, have never tried the brand before. So obviously, my Philosophy story is non-existent! However, I would love to win so I can try Philosophy for the first time and then I’ll have so many great stories.. 🙂
  36. I would love to try the philosophy line of products because of the great reviews it has for quality and dependability!
  37. I received the philosophy skin care essentials as a present and I have seen my skin improve a lot. I love this line and would love to try out new products!
  38. When visiting my sister, I asked her what scent she was wearing. She said Philosophy. I told her she smelled clean and heavenly. That is how I feel about Philosophy.
  39. My story would have to start with winning all the new products and being able to tell my story once using the products..
  40. Love the purity cleanser! My skin feels clean yet not tight, a perfect way to start the day/face the world! Great products!!
  41. I’ve been using Hope in a Jar (love the name!) for about 3 months and love the difference it’s made to the tone of my skin. Philosophy makes such wonderful products and I love that they give them such fun names ~ they make it a joy to look after yourself:)
  42. Id love to try these products. I feel beautiful in a pretty dress with matching shoes. I love mascara too
  43. I have never tried any philosophy products before,so don`t have a philosophy story,,but would love to ty them,so I could have a story! 🙂
  44. I have sensitive skin and over the years have tried many products touted to be for sensitive skin. The more I hear about Philosophy ;the more I feel the need to try their products 🙂
  45. I would love to try the Amazing Graze and Purity skin care products.Thanks for a great contest.
  47. This line of products by philosophy is absolutely amazing and smells so good. I’d love to be able to try them all!
  48. I have used Purity Made Simple facial cleansing cloths , they clean well and make my skin feel fresh .
  49. I have never heard of, or tried the Philosophy products and they sound amazing. I will soon be 62 and can use all the help I can get.
  50. i loved trying the Amazing grace shampoo and bath gel in one product , it smells great as a bonus too and cleanses gently, making my morning routine faster and easier too!
  51. Purity products are a part of my daily life. With all the pollution and heat out there these days it is nice to get home from work and know my skin will be feeling like new after it is cleansed with a product that helps restore what the day takes out of it.
  52. My Philosophy story is that I knew their motto is, in part, to live a better life by being better to myself, so when I’m at the store and I see a Philosophy product I want and that I think will be good for me – I buy it. Day to day life can be tough, but Philosophy makes it a bit better. Thanks to Philosophy!
  53. I have heard so many good things about Philosophy products but have not had the opportunity to try them as my budget is rather restricted but I would love the chance to see some of the positive benefits!
  54. I’ve used a few philosophy products (like the Purity Made Simple cleansing clothes, which are amazing!) and I love them. My favourite is the Love Sweet Love bubble bath/shower gel. It has such a nice scent and I always feel great and get a little bit of a confidence boost when I use it.
  55. A little bit of make-up is better than a lot, my Mother always said-and she was right! I learned that your skin has to breathe, so if you cover it up-you suffocate it, and it does a lot of damage, so I put on just enough to highlight my features a bit, and then leave the rest to nature!
  56. I feel the best when my skin is health and glowing, then no matter what I wear I can go about my day full of confidence. That’s my Philosophy.
  57. In my early teens my mother taught me to cleanse my face and use a toner before bed each
    night. With aging (I am 71) of course comes anti-aging products and good moisturizers
    both during the day and at night. Through having a good skin care regime I am told that
    I look 20 years younger than I am (skin wise that is).
  58. I have not tried Philosophy products yet but would love to use them. My belief is that without good skin, no amount of makeup will hide that. Cleansing and moisturizing are very important parts of my daily routine.
  59. I have bought philosophy products to put in gift bags for my daughters shower because everything smells so wonderful. I have never actually used it myself but I think I’ve been missing out!
  60. Have been using philosophy cleanser every night for a couple of years now, Love how it makes my face feel and would not use anything else.
  61. I love the Purity Cloths. I have sensitive skin combined with rosacea and have a hard time finding a cleanser than doesn’t irritate my skin. The Purity Cloths work perfectly for me.
  62. Philosophy is my go to bubble bath. It’s the perfect way to relax at the end of a long busy day.
  63. I have never tried Philosophy. I have heard from others how great they are. I would l love a chance to try them.
  64. i love all their products ,since they work great on my skin so i would be very excited to win the products and be able to introduce them to my daughter to try out too
  65. I’ve never been one to follow a skin care routine. And thankfully have been blessed with forgiving skin. Now at 54, I’m thinking that I should have a new philosophy! Would love to try it!
  66. I have been using Philosophy products for years now. Love how it is light on the skin, that’s a plus since I have oily skin and many times my skin tends to break out when I use creams and moisturizers. Philosophy’s Hope In A Jar never does. My skin is soft and supple. It basically feels like second skin! Philosophy does live up to it’s name!
  67. I have tried the Philosophy eye cream in the past, but would love to try more of their wonderful products!!
  68. I have never tried Philosophy but after reading this I realize what I am missing! I hope to try all their products. Thanks for the possibility.
  69. To be honest, I don’t know this brand. But winning a bunch of new products is the best way to learn and they sound pretty amazing.
  70. I received the Philosophy “Cookbook” gift set for my birthday. I love those unique scents!
  71. I’ve never tried Philosophy products but they seem really awesome and I am looking for new items for my skin care routine!
  72. ~♥~ Have never tried the Philosophy brand products but would love to win this awesome prize – have seen the products in magazines.

    My routine is faily simple, cleansing, moisturize with a good cream containing SPF & lightly apply make-up…ready for the day.

  73. A friend bought me an Amazing Grace gift set and presented it to me not for any special occasion, but simply because I felt I hit my lowest low. Going through a nasty divorce, for nearly 3 years, I certainly wasn’t feeling so “amazing” (pretty depressed actually), but that one kind gesture was a huge pick-me-up, and it’s been my signature scent for the past 4 and a half years. People often talk about the nostalgia of a song….but what about the nostalgia of a scent. That scent got me through one of the roughest times I’ve known!
  74. I haven’t tried the products before but would love to try them. Love the sound of philosophy’s micro exfoliating micro-massage exfoliating wash
  75. I use Philosophy’s daily facial cleanser and love how gentle yet thorough it is. I also LOVE the amazing grace perfume. xox
  76. I would love to win these products…have never tried them, but seeing all these great comments makes me want to 🙂
  77. The only Philosophy product I have tried was a sample of Hope in a Jar that a friend gave me. I loved it and this prize would be wonderful
  78. I love the Purity Made Simple face wash and Hope in a Jar for daily skin care. To indulge, the Cinnamon Buns shampoo, shower gel, and bubble bath smells amazing!
    Hope I win!
  79. I have seen so many great things on this product. I do use a moisturizer daily with a little mascara. I shield my facial skin from the sun and I use a lip balm infused with jojoba, almond & vitamin e oil. I would greatly love to try this product.
  80. Purity by Philosophy is the only product I’ve ever tried from the brand. I love how it’s a cleanser that does not irritate my eyes and removes my daily makeup! The appeal of the brand by using packaging with their philosophy listed on the front like a definition is super cute! I would love to try more products from this brand especially their bath products that always smell so delicious!
  81. I love love love Philosophy’s Vanilla Birthday Cake shower gel. I keep a small bottle at work so I can enjoy using it throughout the day (and sniff it a few times – yum!)
  82. One of my friends raves about the Philosophy products she has and I’ve tried them – would love to win so I can have my own.
  83. I have never tried Philosophy but have heard and read so many wonderful things about the line. I have skin sensitivities to certain ingredients so I always like to try small samples before I buy as I never know how my skin will react. This would be a great way to try some of them out! Thanks for the chance
  84. I use Hope in a Jar for my night time routine and love how it has no added chemicals and artificial colours!
  85. What a great experience to part of. It sounded like so much fun. I haven’t tried Philosophy products, but after reading this article and all the comments it looks like I have to!
  86. I’ve heard such wonderful things about Philosophy products and would love the chance to try this amazing selection of gifts.
  87. I have heard only fantastic things of Philosophy, however I do not have the ‘pamper pleasure’ budget to enjoy their philosophy. Upon winning this great prize, I would enjoy pampering. I can say a woman’s honour is to be true to herself.
  88. The retinoid eye repair is my go-to eye cream…I have been using it for a few months and the results are amazing!
  89. I love Philosophy products and my favourite is Amazing Grace…the scent is so pretty 🙂
  90. Those girls are so lucky to have spent a fun filled night with Philosophy products! I value their insight and will be trying a few of these products myself. If I won I would invite some of my close friends to try these products out as well ! They would love that!
  91. Ever since I discovered your products, I have been addicted, They are wonderful on my skin, my budget is a bit tight, so I can’t splurge, but when I am able to get or try something new, I do! I recommend or ask all my friends if they use, or heard of Philosophy, it is an experience!! A great smelling one at that! I just wish I could afford more, but when the time is right! I would love to win this contest!
  92. I really would love to win this so I can try some of these awesome products! It’s hard to believe but I’ve never tried Philosophy.
  93. Always wanted to try this prestigious line of products, but have never had the chance. Thanks for the chance!
  94. I have never tried any of the philosophy products but I love products that smell great and still perform the job they were designed to do! Philosophy sounds like it delivers!
  95. Lots of informative information, sounds like every-one had a really good time. I find that I need help with my under-eyes, I’m 58yrs and showing it with my face and eyes. I have never really been a make-up person. Would be really great to win!! Thank you for this contest!!r
  96. I have never tried Philosophy products but after reading about all the products and how well they work I think that will change soon!
  97. I’m a philosophy virgin. Clearly I’m missing out! Please help change that and in the meantime I’m going to check out a few items mentioned here.
  98. I have heard go many great things about Philosophy. I have not yet been able to try it, but would love to! Philosophy is a quality brand.
  99. I love philosophy products, the washes, exfoliaters, makeup, scents, even the simple packages with a product with a punch and inspiring quote or saying. Philosophy is a must have.
  100. Beautiful products that actually work. Their whole packaging, displays,website, emails..everything about them are so simple and majestic. Really speaks to everyone who need to slow down their hectic days and enjoy the finer and simpler things in life.
    I would love to win this to give to my mother. She has been a fan for several years and once a year or so she treats herself to 1-2 products. Wish I could give her a whole basket full.
    Goodluck to everyone! and remember to enjoy your summer – its the simple things that brings us the most memories 🙂
  101. I’ve heard many good things about Philosophy, and hope to win so I can try all the products. Wish me luck!
  102. Love to win the Philosophy products, they always smell so yummy. Can’t wait to try the ant-aging eye repair.
  103. I would love to win Philosophy’s products as I have never tried them. Every day I try to wake up and stay positive and bring the best in every situation as to me a positive woman or person for that matter glows beauty. thank you happy fourth
  104. I’d l8ve to try this product. I can’t get it in my small town. Great article, too. Thanks for the opportunity.
  105. The first time I tried Philosophy was actually when I got their Birthday Cake shampoo, shower gel and bubble bath for my birthday gift from Sephora and I definitely fell in love with the scent and the way it made my skin feel. This was what got me hooked on Philosophy. Amazing Grace was the next line I tried and their Firming Body Emulsion has become a holy grail product of mine.
  106. I had bought Pure Grace as a new fragrance a year ago and it has become my go to fragrance. I love the light fresh scent and people are always commenting what a great scent it is.
  107. I would totally LOVE to win these products – they sound a-m-a-z-i-n-g!! Thanks for the opportunity!!


    Lorraine ;o)

  108. Interesting article. I would love to try the Philosphy products as I have heard they are excellent.
  109. All throughout my teenage years, I was graced with blemish-free skin. I thought I was so lucky since I take after my dad and he had horrible acne growing up. But my skin took a turn for the worse as I entered my twenties. Come 25, I had painful, cystic acne all over my cheeks and forehead, enlarged pores, and blackheads all over my nose. I thought, this isn’t fair! I already went through puberty! I’m in my mid-twenties…I’m supposed to be worrying about my career and paying off my student loans…not acne! I ended up trying what seemed like every cleanser and treatment on the market. Most things were harsh and drying, and made me break out more, or made my skin so dry it would flake. Then I came across Philosophy’s Purity Made Simple Cleanser. I tried a sample and liked its simplicity and the fact it wasn’t drying and didn’t have a harsh smell or harsh ingredients. Within two weeks my skin started looking like it had when I was a teenager – and I owe it all to this simple cleanser. I’ve probably gone through 4 bottles, but this stuff lasts forever, and it always feels like I’m putting nutrients into my skin, instead of stripping everything from it. I truly love this cleanser. Thank you, Philosophy!
  110. Someone gave me a bottle of Philosophy Sparkling Cranberry Bubble Bath and I use it sparingly because I love it so much!
  111. I have never used these products but believe that they work, after all I saw them being used and promoted by Oprah! As a busy momma with a baby and with another one due this Christmas, I have little time for myself. I would love the chance to win and try these great products. Thanks for the chance. twitter fan@plumerea
  112. I just discovered Philosophy a couple months ago. I’m using Purity made simple as my daily cleanser and I love it. It seems to work for my combination skin, doesn’t leave my skin too dry. Can’t wait to try some other products by them.
  113. With so many great products to choose from, you are sure to find something you love and faithfully use
  114. I’ve never used the products personally, but I always stop to smell them when I am at the store. I’d really love to win to try them out! Great article and this looked like a fabulous night!
  115. I have heard only positive things about Philosophy products and can’t wait to try them all!
  116. I was introduced to Philosophy products recently by my best friend. She noticed the problems I was having with my super sensitive skin and gave me a bottle of Philosophy to try. Now my skin and I can’t thank her enough!! I love the story behind the products and the effectiveness of the them. I’d love to win and have some awesome new products to try out 🙂
  117. I have yet to try Philosophy products but I’ve heard such great things about them. I’d love to try them.
  118. J’aimerais bien essayer ces produits ….je pourrais les vanter à mon tour par la suite !!!
  119. I have heard a lot from friends about Philosophy products , but have yet to try them. Can’t wait.
  120. Hope in a Tube is my newest Philosophy. Since turning 40 I’ve been stepping up the skin care routine and this retinol product is the best I’ve tried for my skin.
  121. I won a Philosophy face wash and I LOVE it! I can’t wait until tis gone to buy more I just love the smell and how creamy it is!
  122. I just want to eat these lotions!!!! I walk around with the bottles, just smelling them….lol? Am I the only one?
  123. I won a small sample and I fell in love. This is an amazing skin product. I have twin daughters who are 13 and I would share this with them and there friends to try. I know everyone would love it!
  124. What an amazing contest! I love Hope In a Jar…one of the greatest beauty products on the market!!
  125. I’ve heard so much about Philosophy. I guess it’s time I tried these products. Winning would be a fab way to start.
  126. I feel in control when I prefer wearing my perfume but I confess that I aimerias make the discovery of the Philosophy.
  127. I have never tried Philossephy products but I have heard so many great things about them from friends that I would to win this and see for myself!
  128. I am a man who follows your emails and giveaways because there is a special high school niece in my life who loves your products; so though I can’t share how much better they would be for an older gentleman, I sure would love to win it for her. Thank you for the opportunity
  129. I have just started trying out Philosophy products and I love them!!! Each one I’ve used so far has exceeded my expectations! Thank you for creating such wonderful items!!!
  130. I have never tried Philosophy but people are saying great things about their products. Anything that improves my skin, I am all for it.
  131. Was first introduced to philosophy by Dave Lackie, a beauty guru in my books. Love the products especially philosophy’s purity made simple cleansing cloths. They are great for travel and those nights when I just want to fall into bed.
  132. The first time I tried philosophy was the triple exfoliating pads. They made such a huge difference in my skin.
    I explored some of the scents and lotions after at sephora and love the freshness and light feeling I get when I wear them!!!
  133. I would love to win as I have never tried these products before though hearing good things about them
  134. Looks like a fabulous hotel for a sleepover. I’ve not been lucky enough to use Philosophy for a regime period. The sample of Hope in a Jar was smooth and soothing though.
  135. I’ve never tried Philosophy products but am really interested after reading this article. I’d love to try it to have some magic for my skin!
  136. I haven’t tried the product but have seen it advertised and now I’m really interested as a result of these posts.
  137. I first tried the philosophy line of products one year ago and I have been using the products ever since! Purity Made Simple is my go-to cleanser, and I love Hope in a Jar for my daily moisturizer. All of the products in your goodie bags look amazing! Thanks!
  138. I haven’t tried Philosophy yet, but would love to try Hope in a Jar. I have sensitive skin and I’ve heard it’s fab for reactive types.
  139. I once got a free sample of purity made simple and fell in love with it instantly. I am hooked now to try more Philosophy products.
  140. I’ve never tried Philosophy products but I’ve heard a lot of good things about them; would love to try!
  141. I love purity! Gentle but cleansing. I have oily and sensitive skin, so it’s great for me 🙂 plus the body washes scents are amazing!
  142. Sunshine Grace is my go-to scent for the summer…and so that my partner doesn’t miss me too much when I’m not around, I spritzed the girlfriend pillow I got him with Sunshine Grace as well. It’s so fresh and clean! BRAVO Philosophy xx
  143. I was introduced to Philosophy a few years ago. I absolutely love Purity Made Simple cleanser. It has a light fragrance, gets the job done & leaves my skin feeling soft. I also cannot live without When Hope Is Not Enough facial serum. Once you try a Philosophy product, you end up trying others. Now, I’m hooked on Living Grace perfume and body cream. It’s got a fresh, clean scent that I can wear anytime. Thank you for making a wonderful line of various products for women of any age!
  144. Philosophy has a great 3-in-1 product – shampoo, conditioner & body wash. It smells so yummy & makes everything feel so soft. A wonderful product to take traveling as it not only reminds me of home but gives me that little bit of luxury one cannot obtain while in a hostel!
  145. I too, have never tried Philosophy products but I always heard good things about them. I grew up watching Oprah on tv and I know she swears by the products and always talked about Hope in a Jar whose name I just love! Personally I feel my most beautiful when Im fresh from the shower, Ive styled my hair and I have a light coating of makeup. A nice outfit doesnt hurt either! I would really love to win so that I could try Philosophy. Thank you for the opportunity!
  146. I think the best thing for my face, well anyones, is to cleanse it before going to bed at night. The purity made simple cleansing cloths are excellent for this.
  147. Purity Made Simple facial cleansing cloths are very nice, they clean well and make my skin feel fresh
  148. I have never heard anything but great things about Philosophy, but it’s always been out of my budget. My great story would have to be winning and having the chance to try the products to get a story of my own!
  149. I just started using Philosphy hope in a jar and it has really made a difference in my skin. I will definitely be buying another jar.
  150. I’ve never tried Philosophy products but heard so many good things about it from fashion magazines. I would love to try some.
  151. Philosophy completely changed my perspective on what it means to live with grace. The scientifically approachable products with their whimsical appeal gave me confidence, appreciation for the little things and the ability to accept myself as I am. Feeling beautiful and letting your inner light shine through will always glow brighter than outer beauty. I’ll continue to live by this philosophy and cannot thank them enough for the products that have helped me reveal what I already knew was there.
  152. I have never used Philosophy before. As a stay at home Mom to 5 boys, luxury products like this are not within my budget, we are basics only and if we come into a bit of extra money it always goes to something the kids need or want. I would love to win so that I could feel a little pampering, and have a little something special that is just for me. Thanks for the chance.
  153. I have not tried Philosophy but with my very fair, dry skin am always looking for something that will help keep it looing good. I would love to try this brand
  154. One of my biggest challenges is keeping the skin on my body moist. I love my showers (too hot) and my skin dries and flakes. When I tried philosophy body washes that all went away. I love the mango scent and layer on a moisturizer when I’m done. It’s a great body rescue and it smells delish!
  155. I always start my day off with philosophy miracle cleanser and end the day with miracle worker overnight.I am a philosophy girl!
  156. I have not had the opportunity to try the Philospphy products. Would love to try them. I have heard many good things!would really like to try the Hope in ajar!
  157. What a wonderful experience these women had! I love the philosophy line of products–I’m sensitive to “chemical” smells so the subtle “fragrances” are perfect for my and with my skin also being sensitive (and yes, I’m not 20 any longer….) the lotions are perfect for me.
  158. I would love to win this! I LOVE PHILOSOPHY’s Purity Made Simple facial cleanser. It is so gentle on my face but gets even my darkest mascara off. I started using it after trying a free sample and fell in love!
  159. after trying way too many facial cleansers I came across purity & it was exactly what I needed. I’ve added additional philosophy products to my routine but purity started it all
  160. I’ve tried Philosophy’s Love Swept perfume which smells great but have never tried any of their other products. I’d love to sample more of their wonderful products!
  161. I started using Philosophy Hope in Jar last year after a friend gave me a spare jar she had. While I wasn’t fond of the scent of it, it made my skin look great. My complexion was brighter and it was awesome at moisturising but not leaving a heavy feeling on my skin.
  162. I would love to win all of the products you all received in your goodie bags. I have used the bath products & love them. Recently purchased the PHILOSOPHY Cake Me to Paradise Set. Would love to try the philosophy’s high-performance retinoid helps repair those under-eye bags, dark circles and fine lines. The whole gift package looks amazing & would try them all.
  163. I would love to win all of the products you all received in your goodie bags. I have used the bath products & love them. Recently purchased the PHILOSOPHY Cake Me to Paradise Set. Would love to try the philosophy’s high-performance retinoid helps repair those under-eye bags, dark circles and fine lines. The whole gift package looks amazing & would try them all.
  164. I was stuck with a line of products after working for them for years. But one day I just heard great things about Purity. I can’t cleanse without it. It is my holy grail. The wipes for trips and the big 32 ounce with pump for home. Such a blessing having a huge bottle that lasts for months!! What a money saver too!!
  165. I picked up Hope in a Jar after Oprah chose it as one of her favorite things. I’ve been using it ever since! It does amazing things for my skin!
  166. My mother introduced me to Philosophy products a couple of years ago, now we’re both addicted! Lol.
  167. PHILOSOPHY Fresh cream shampoo, shower gel & bubble bath is a product that I quite like so if it can be included in the prize set of products, boy, that would be nice.
  168. The “Hope in a jar” is aptly named, but it could easily be called “confidence in a jar”! I don’t wear makeup at work (in a hot kitchen) so my skin needs to be healthy because there is no hiding any flaws.
  169. I received a Philosophy shower gel sample in the past and it just smelled so wonderful. I will be purchasing this and would love to win this giveaway!
  170. I`ve never tried any Philosophy products before! Would be great to try them out. As I am getting older,my skin needs all the refreshment it can get!
  171. I have never tried Philosophy but after reading this I realize what I am missing! I hope to try all their products. Thanks for the possibility.
  172. I couldn’t live without Hope in a Jar when I was pregnant. It was the only cream I could use on my face that didn’t give me a rash. What a savior!
  173. I’ve never tried their products , but this would be a great start. Plus I would really love to try Amazing grace. My skin has been giving me problems lately as i’m getting older and this would be wonderful to try to get back glowing skin. Thanks.
  174. I have not tried Philosophy products but reading this article certainly peaks my interest:-)I like the simplicity of the product and I feel they would really address my skin care issues.
  175. What a wonderful opportunity for these ladies to share their knowledge and experience not only with each other, but also with “the rest of us”. They certainly had a good time, and I am sure lasting connections were made which will eventually benefit everybody.
  176. I received a sample of their Purity face cleanser from Sephora on my birthday and immediately fell in love! I’ve never found a better cleanser. Honestly, the best products! And I love the messaging on the bottles.
  177. So far I haven’t been a user of Philosophy products. But after reading this post and some of the comments I can’t wait to become part of the Philosphy community!
  178. would love to win the product , so I can finally try some of the philosophy I hear so great things about
  179. I have tried several of the Philosophy products, and can’t say enough great things! They are so gentle on my sensitive skin, and are truly incredible. Would LOVE to win this prize!! 🙂
  180. I love all the scents but my favorite is Pure Grace and than Amazing Grace. The lotions are so nice.
  181. I have used “Hope in a Jar” for a bit now and noticed a significant difference in my tone and texture! Now I rave about it to friends and family!
  182. I have heard so many great things about Philosophy and I really want to try the Purity face cleanser and all the rest of Philosophy amazing products! I hope I win! this
  183. I feel great when I’m wearing a fitted dress and great shoes/heels. I wear mascara daily but a little shadow or liner just adds a more finished touch.
  184. Would love to win the Philosophy products, they always smell so yummy. Can’t wait to try the ant-aging eye repair. It’s getting to be that time.

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