Six Sneaky Pimple Culprits

Wonder why you keep breaking out? Even if you use all the best products, follow your skincare routine to the T, and drink plenty of water, you could be making one of these less obvious mistakes. Find out if one of these slip-ups are to blame for your skin woes.

1. Bedtime Lip Gloss

Yes, we know that most women are lippy addicts, but do you really need that thick swipe of Vaseline when you’re about to hit the hay? As soon as you turn over, that pore-clogging balm is going to end up rubbed all over the rest of your face, too. When you’re about to go to sleep, try making do with a more basic skin moisturizer on your lips, instead.

2. Touching Your Face

Try to keep your germy hands off your face, especially if you’ve just eaten and you haven’t had a chance to wash them yet. Take note if you habitually rest your chin in your hands, too.

3. Hair Product Overload

If you use a lot of hair products, they’ll eventually make their way over to your face as well, where they can cause complexion havoc. If you can, keep heavy-duty products like serum away from bangs and face-framing layers. And when you spritz on your daily dose of hairspray, use a magazine to shield your face instead of just a spare hand.

4. Dirty Makeup Brushes

There’s no point washing your face in the morning if you’re just going to apply your foundation with a bacteria-harbouring brush. Washing your brushes may seem like a pain, but it’s actually not that bad. Once a week, just run them under some lukewarm water with a gentle handsoap, and pat dry with paper towel.

5. Dirty Phones

Whether you’re a chatty Cathy or you just have to talk on the phone a lot at work, most of us spend a considerable amount of time with a phone resting right against our face. Every few days, give your phone a quick wipe with an antibacterial spray, or even a hand sanitizing gel in a pinch. Hint: you can probably get away with doing this while you’re actually on the phone, if the other person is especially talkative.

6. Dirty Pillowcases

Noticing a trend here? Just think “ if you spend eight hours a night transferring lip gloss, hair products, and sweat onto that pillowcase, how clean can it really be? Switch to a fresh case every two or three nights and just keep spares on hand if you don’t want to bother running a load of laundry that often.


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