Show Stubble Who’s Boss

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If you’ve been around the beauty block, you’ve probably got most of the basics down pat “ skillful eye makeup application, the art of the quick blow-dry, and the ability to paint your nails in five minutes flat while also talking on the phone and eating breakfast. Yet a few final frontiers remain “ those annoying little beauty issues that just won’t go away.

Near the top of that irritating list? Stubbly underarms. It’s not just the boys who have a 5 o’clock shadow to worry about “ if you can’t get a smooth shave, you’ll be looking prickly by evening “ not exactly a good look if you’re planning on rocking that sleeveless shift dress for a big meeting or kicking back in a sassy tank top for after-work drinks. Not to mention trying to look cute in your skivvies on a lazy Sunday morning with your guy. Plus, let’s face it “ shaving is a total drag.

So what’s a girl to do? (Hint: the answer does not involve wearing sweaters all year long or keeping your arms firmly at your sides at all times.) Dove Ultimate Visibly Smoothâ„¢ Anti-Perspirant is now officially the easiest way to keep your underarms in check “ it makes hair finer so when it grows back it’s less noticeable,which means you can skip a shave now and then (which means either more time in bed or more time painting those nails and eating breakfast).

 The new product contains a Pro-Epil Complex, with naturally-sourced extracts which help to minimize the look and feel of underarm hair over time. It also has 24 hour odour and wetness protection to help keep you dry and confident. Plus, the formula still contains Dove ¼ moisturizers, which keeps your skin happy and makes for a smoother shave when you do decide it’s time to pick up that razor (which can also help reduce the chance of getting ingrown hairs).

 I know, I know “ we’ve been down this road before with products that promised to help take on the dreaded stubble. But this time, 99 percent of women testers surveyed said they’d recommend Dove Ultimate Visibly Smoothâ„¢ Anti-Perspirant to a friend*. Not a bad success rate.

The best part? This doesn’t require adding to your already packed routine. Because we’re guessing you already wear deodorant (um, right?). So just swipe it on, throw on that shift dress, and go. Because if Holly Golightly never had to worry about underarm hair, then neither should you.

*Based on a study of 200 U.S. women.

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