Sexy Short Haircuts

It’s a new year and it’s time for a new hairstyle! Inspired by Jennifer Lawrence’s awesome short pixie cut, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite celebrities who have dared to rock the crop and stand out.

1)     Jennifer Lawrence: A short hair cut is best paired with a big personality and Jennifer Lawrence is the girl on fire. This hair cut is so wonderful and plays up all her best features- her smile, her eyes and is memorably glam.

Jennifer Lawrence

2)     Jennifer Hudson: Another Jennifer. Jennifer Hudson has a great super short pixie cut that looks modern and edgy. Jennifer Hudson is beautiful and doesn’t need to hide behind any hair.

Jennifer Hudson

3)     Emma Watson: Emma is elegant and effortless in her show Mia Farrow inspired short cut. Few people can pull of this look, but Emma’s features are striking and her hair cut is the perfect accessory to her fantastic style.

Emma Watson

4)     Anne Hathway: Anne’s short hair cut looks incredible with texture and voluminous. Anne’s beautiful features – those eyes and lips are perfectly framed by her short-do. Her trendy style is equal parts girl next door as it is glamazon and her short hairstyle was perfectly styled to suit her many looks.

Anne Hathaway

5)     Michelle Williams: Michelle Williams is stunning. Her short pixie cut suits her fine features and is always beautifully styled to suit her glamorous and elegant look. Recently she has been said to be growing out her signature pixie cut. But after spotting her photos in the latest LV campaign, you’ll still be gasping at how beautiful she and her hair look.

Michelle Williams

6)     Aislinn Paul: The Degrassi starlet, Aislinn Paul has the most awesome short hair cut. It suits her soft features and looks awesome styled with a headband and loosely tossled. Stunning and modern. 

7)     Audrey Hepburn: I know this is a classic, but her amazing haircut/style in Roman Holiday is one of my ultimate favorites. Her pixie cut is perfect and refreshing! Not unlike a holiday.

Audrey Hepburn

8)      Rihanna: One of the most transformative performers is all about making a memorable entrance and a big part of that transformation is in her quick changing hairstyles. Rihanna has dared to cut her hair super short many many times. Short and curly, pixie cut, crop cut and everything inbetween. Her latest short curls 


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