Quick Fixes for Static Hair

Does the dry, winter weather make your new hairstyle look more Albert Einstein than Hayden Panettiere? Don’t fret. Not only are you not alone, but we have answers.

Without launching into a lesson on electrons, here’s a simple explanation of static: When the weather becomes cold and dry (ahem, winter), there is not enough moisture in the air to keep your hair hydrated.  

Dryer Sheets

The next time your hair starts to take on that deranged scientist look, try running a Bounce dryer sheet through your hair. Yes, you read right. Dryer sheets are great for getting the static out of your clothes and your hair. (As a bonus, you’ll smell like fresh laundry.) Tuck a couple of these in your purse if you are particularly prone to static attacks.

Aloe Vera
Not just for sunburned skin, aloe vera can also be used to take the static out of your hair. Rub a dime-sized amount of aloe vera (either from the bottle or the plant) into your hands until it is nearly dry. Run the remaining aloe vera through your static-filled hair. Not only will aloe vera suppress your static-charged fly-aways but it will also help promote healthier hair.

If you lack both dryer sheets and aloe vera, turn to your tried-and-true, cosmetic fix-all: hairspray. However, avoid too much hairspray, which can dry out your tresses. For just the right amount, spray a bit of hairspray into a brush and comb it through your hair.


If you constantly walk around looking like you just stuck your finger in an electric socket, it could be because of your brush. Plastic tends to create a lot of static charge. Instead, invest in a wood brush with board bristles, which are not only gentler on your hair but much less static-inducing.

Static Guard
If you are vexed by static-charged hair, do yourself a favour and pick up a bottle of Static Guard. Spray this miracle-worker onto your hairbrush, scarves, hats, hoods, coats, etc. The smell may be a bit offensive but at least your hair wont look like a science experiment gone wrong. 

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