The Pros and Cons of Dry Shampoo

Most of us have a to-do list a mile long on any given day, so sometimes the time it will take to wash, dry and style your hair is time that could be better spent sleeping, or ticking a few errands off the list. Enter: dry shampoo. Almost every big brand has its own version, so here are the pros and cons of the newest hair product you may have to add to your arsenal.


  • Convenience: hair looking a little greasy before a date, but no time to go home and wash it? Pull out that little dry shampoo can, spray your roots, and you’re as good as clean
  • Time saving: an extra half an hour of sleep every morning is no small feat, so take advantage of it
  • Less heat styling = less damage: save your hair from the daily blow drying and flat ironing and it will be stronger, and healthier in the long run
  • Extend hairstyles: you paid $50 for that blowout, so it would be nice if it lasted more than a day, right?
  • Less grease and more volume: dirty hair tends to look flat and limp, so give get rid of the grease and give it some body with your dry shampoo


  • Dandruff: if you have dry skin or a dandruff problem, dry shampoo will only make it worse
  • Questionable ingredients: some cheaper brands contain aluminum (so read the label if you want a natural alternative)
  • Dusty hair: some brands leave a white-ish dusty looking residue, which isn’t the greatest for people with darker hair
  • Texture: it can leave your hair looking and feeling dry and tends to eliminate shine.

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