Product Of The Week: Shu Uemura Art of Hair Gentle Radiance Deep Cleanser Shampoo

We don’t know a person, let alone another woman whose hair doesn’t need a deep clean every now and then. Think about all the grime and dirt buildup from the environment that our hair and scalp absorb without us ever noticing. Then there’s the oils our scalp naturally produces and don’t get us started on the layers of products we rub, spray and sprinkle on, like mousse, hairspray, dry shampoo and more dry shampoo. It’s gotta go. All of it.

That’s why we’re using Shu Uemura’s Gentle Radiance Deep Cleanser shampoo.

The lightweight formula lathers in nicely, gently removing excess sebum (the fancy name for scalp oil) and pollution particles without stripping our scalp and hair of the natural oils it needs. Infused with onsen-inspired ferment from volcanic sources—onsen are Japan’s hot springs that are renowned for their purifying and relaxing effects—impurities are lifted and drawn up and off the scalp and hair. Once we’ve washed everything we don’t want out of our hair, we’re left with shiny and toss-worthy hair that feels soft and healthy.

But maybe, just maybe, our favourite part is the shampoo’s luxurious scent. Calming and soothing to our senses, the scent opens with fresh citrus and zen blue chamomile notes to both invigorate and ease our mind and body. Aquatic notes with water lily add a clean and sparkling sensation before being absorbed into a warm and comforting blend of cedar, sage and musk. The overall effect is light and warm, much like bathing in a Japanese hot spring. Bit of a win, especially since we now have such great-looking hair.

Shu Uemura Art of Hair Gentle Radiance Deep Cleanser Shampoo, $73 for 400 ml, available October 17, 2022 online at and at Sephora stores across Canada.

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