Product Of The Week: Revolution Pro Blur Stick

Lord help us, but we’d love to walk through life with a permanent ring light beaming on our face. The fine lines and wrinkles would disappear, we’d perpetually look 10, maybe 15 years younger and oh, how plump and fresh our skin would be. But since that’s not happening (so rude!), we’re applying a layer of Revolution Pro Blur Stick to our skin instead.

In just a couple of swipes across our forehead, cheeks, nose and chin, this fountain of youth stick provides our hydrated skin with a coating that literally turns back time. Seriously, it transforms our skin into such a uniform and even texture, that when we smooth on our foundation we feel like we’ve regressed…in a good way. As for our pores, they’ve become nonexistent and our pinky tinge is a thing of the past. All we’re left with is a gorgeous, flawless looking finish.

Lightweight and breathable, the formulation goes on clear too, so there’s no worry of a weird colour or a heavy feeling on our face. Plus, with its stick-like façade, it’s easy to apply and has no mess, not even on our hands and fingers as we can apply the product directly onto our face. As for the rest, that’s up to us. Add a little foundation, a brush of blush and we’re ready to roll, even if it is just for a cute selfie taken at home.

Revolution Pro Blur Stick, $21.99, available at Shoppers Drug Mart.

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