Product Of The Week: Peace Out Dark Spots Microneedling Patches

We may not be embracing ’60s beauty regimes but we are indulging in a little chill time (not to be confused with Netflix and chill) with Peace Out Dark Spots Microneedling Patches. And we couldn’t be happier. After all, we’ve been restlessly awaiting the coveted bandaid-approach to top-notch skincare brand to get its butt onto Canadian shelves or in this case, to Sephora Canada online.

Now it’s here, we’ve been stocking up, double clicking repeatedly on Dark Spots and filling our e-cart with the easy-to-use stickers like it’s our job.

And we’re not disappointed. The circular, sticker-like patches live up to their praise. They are potent and do the job, banishing the small dark spots that have been creeping onto our forehead and cheeks for the past few years. While our sunspots aren’t super noticeable, yet, they are there and they are unwanted. Well, they were there, but after applying two or three of the dots textured side down onto clean skin, now they’re gone. All we had to do was identify the sun spots, remove each dot from the package and pull away it’s protective backing, then press the dots’ edges and centers into place on our skin for about 10 seconds each before pressing play on the next episode of Jane the Virgin, turning out the lights and then later, falling asleep.

After a solid eight, we removed the oil-free formula-infused dots, replete with niacinamida, a type of vitamin B to helps even skin tone, licorice extract to add brightness to our skin and tranexamic acid, the miracle ingredient that lightens the appearance of dark spotsto reveal our lightened skin. Better still, after two weeks of twice weekly application, we’re dark spot free.

Peace Out Skincare Dark Spots, $37 for a package of 12, available online at

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