Reader Reviews: Jergens’ Brand New Moisturizer

Jergens‘ brand new Soothing Aloe Refreshing Moisturizer is perfect for the dry winter months! The soothing lotion enriched with aloe, eucalyptus and cucumber is fast-absorbing and lightweight. Lessening the effects of the sun, wind and cold weather, it makes your skin look healthier and feel softer by increasing moisture content.

So does it really work? Ten of our readers took Jergens Soothing Aloe Refreshing Moisturizer for a spin, testing it for five days. After using the lotion, they told us their honest opinion of the product.

The reviews are in!  See what our readers thought:

Reader Reviews

My legs are always really dry and itchy in the colder months; Jergens Soothing Aloe Refreshing Moisturizer calmed the itching and left them feeling much smoother! “Sara Koonar, Editor-in-Chief of

The texture and consistency were similar to moisturizers I have purchased from higher end cosmetics retailers. I was surprised to find this consistency and texture in a drugstore brand product. I really enjoyed the scent – it was pleasant and not overpowering. “ Amanda Filipe, Toronto, ON

The scent was a light and refreshing, and the texture and consistency were great.  Some creams are thick and sit on top of your skin, but this cream soaked in and left my skin feeling soft and smooth. “ Jana Vordemberge, Scarborough, ON

The moisturizer felt great on my skin. It feels lightweight. Throughout the day I didn’t notice it at all, other than lingering of the scent. “ Natalie Seucharan, Windsor, ON

 After five days of use my skin felt moisturized instead of dry, [my skin is] smooth and soft. – Alison K, Thornhill, ON

The product is very easy to use and apply¦ It felt really smooth and soft after five day’s use, love it! “ Sandra Rooke, Chatham, ON

It absorbed well so just left my skin feeling supple, not dry. “ Lynn Grenier, Newmarket, ON

I used the product once a day right after I got out of the shower¦ My skin still feels smooth and moisturized in the morning after applying the product at night. – LeeAnn Scaife, Windsor, ON

I loved the texture and scent. The consistency was extremely smooth and silky. It was quickly absorbed and did not leave my hands feeling slick or greasy. After 5 days, I noticed [my hands] were less dry and required less frequent application. – Cecilia Young, Toronto, ON

I LOVED this lotion. I kept it by my shower, and it has become a family staple.  It keeps your skin soft, for the entire day.  It’s light, good scent, and dries fast-key when you are in a hurry to get moving in the morning.  I have recommended this product to many people.  Thank you for the chance to try the product, I have a new go to lotion. – Amy Ogner, Toronto, ON

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