Product Of The Week: Nuxe Bio Organic Face and Body Botanical Cleansing Oil

We admit: we can be snobby about two-in-one products, which may explain why our bathroom is filled with one-use items making it look like a drugstore. Still, we didn’t pick up Nuxe Bio Organic’s new Face and Body Botanical Cleansing Oil just because we knew it would save us a few inches in prime shower space.

Nope. We fell hard for the oil-filled bottle’s gorgeous, aromatic, orange blossom scent. Which we admittedly and initially first picked up because, well, it’s Nuxe and we’ll try anything from the French beauty brand that brought us Rêve de Miel lip balm, an all-time favourite lippy. But let’s get back on track.

While we use the Face and Body Botanical Cleansing Oil on our face to gently cleanse our skin and rinse off our makeup, we especially love the way it feels from head to toe. Crafted with safflower and organic sunflower seed oils, the formula transforms into a milky elixir under the shower’s water, making a small amount stretch a long way as it washes over us removing the day’s dirt and grime. Once we’re completely clean, all we’re left with is silky, soft and smooth skin. And we appreciate that, particularly for the added bonus that if we’re running late or are out of time or just plain don’t fee like it, we don’t need to apply lotion afterwards. Our skin feels just that hydrated.

And it’s lightly scented. After all, it was the oil’s subtle fragrance that had us breaking our no two-in-one rule…and loving it.

Nuxe Bio Organic Face and Body Botanical Cleansing Oil, $29, available at Shoppers Drug Mart stores in September 2021.

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