Product Of The Week: Maison Jacynthe Vanilla Shea Butter With Zinc Oxide

We’re getting our sun on with Maison Jacynthe’s Vanilla Shea Butter with Zinc Oxide.

Sure, getting outside these days has been somewhat more functional than fun what with having conversations at arms’ length with our besties, rec soccer cancelled until next year and the possibility of there being no outdoor pools to splash around in. But we cannot remain indoors any longer. So we’re happy to be outside, roaming the parks and going on socially distanced bike rides with friends when we can—all complete with a layer of our new favourite sunscreen, of course.

Homegrown, the Canadian brand’s lightly vanilla-scented SPF boasts all natural ingredients including sea buckthorn pulp, jojoba, essential oils and as the name dictates, shea butter and zinc oxide. The combo of this formula ensures our skin is silky soft and well-hydrated from head to toe, while simultaneously protecting us from the sun’s harsh UVA (aging) and UVB (burning) rays. And being a natural SPF and all with zinc as the main barrier, we’re walking easy knowing our skin is safely absorbing the sunlight.

After all, it’s been a season of safety of late, and we’re just grateful to be back outside. Especially when we can predict a positive and sunny outcome.

Maison Jacynthe Shea Butter with Zinc Oxide, $39.70, available online at

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